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Stop allowing the violation of our children's human rights through mandatory and forced vaccinations with or without parental consent

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Over 2 million children in the U.S. and approximately over 70 million children world wide are vaccine injured. These vaccine injuries include deaths, seizures, brain inflammation and injuries leading to Autism, neuro-cognitive developmental disabilities, severe debilitating allergies, chronic asthma and many other diseases. Over 91 research papers have shown the link between vaccines and Autism and other chronic diseases. Furthmore NVICP has paid out billions to the families of vaccine injured children, and therefore, risk of vaccine injury is indisputable.

‪#‎CDCwhistleblower‬, Dr. William Thompson, a leading scientist at the CDC has alleged that the CDC falsified and omitted statistically significant data showing the link between the MMR vaccine and Autism. No study has ever proven the safety of vaccines, nor have they proven the long term safety and health outcomes, and efficacy of vaccines among all children. For years vaccinologists, and special interest groups and lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry have been pushing for mandatory vaccinations, and eroding at parents' rights to obtain exemptions based on religious and philosophical beliefs and medical needs. Doctors are not being allowed to do what is in the best interest of medically fragile patients by providing medical exemptions without threats of penalty. School administrators are bullying parents of medically fragile children and these children are being twice victimized. Parents of vaccine injured children find themselves without the appropriate medical interventions, therapies, and educational programs in order to provide their children with the interventions needed for them to make progress and reach their full potential.

You should support this petition because as parents and future parents your health choices for your children should be respected and protected. We do not have the right to bully and coerce others into any medical procedure in a free society. Those who believe it is their right to bully and coerce parents into mandatory and forced vaccination with or without parental consent should and must bear the responsibility and cost for caring for every child who becomes injured, dies or develops a life long and permanent disability.

I started this petition because my child is vaccine injured, both his and my rights were denied, and I encountered so many parents who either have vaccine injured children or children who have died as a result of vaccine related adverse events, and who feel they have been abandoned by the health care system, our government and local education systems.

This petition will make a difference by protecting the health choices of parents on behalf of their children, and send a clear message to those who do not respect parental health choices that they must be held legally accountable and bear the financial costs should any child be physically injured, disabled, sustain brain damage, or die from mandatory or forced vaccinations with or without parental consent.


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