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Rename Columbus Day to honor Native Americans.

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While studying Columbus in my eighth grade class this semester, I was appalled to discover that we have dedicated a national holiday to someone who has commited such atrocities against human kind.  

Christopher Columbus was a monster among men.  He traveled to the New World and encountered a tribe of friendly and well-meaning Native Americans.  These Native Americans gifted Columbus and his crew with spears and goods.  Columbus repayed the Native's generosity by enslaving millions of Native Americans and torturing thousands more.  Some of the more cruel and sadistic things done by Columbus:

Columbus forced Natives to collect gold for him.  If they did not collect enough in the given period of time, their hands would be cut off and they would bleed to death.

Columbus tested his knives and swords on the natives by cutting or stabbing them.

Columbus tore Native children away from their families, either to sell them into slavery or torture them to death.

Columbus sent innocent and friendly Native Americans to spend the rest of their lives in the darkness of mines, working until they could work no longer (in other words, died).

Despite all of this, we have a national holiday celebrating this man.  Columbus is spoken of in a positive light in schools all over the nation, and in many cases he is credited for discovering the New World.  While Columbus did travel to America multiple times, he came after a long line of other explorers who had arrived in the New World first.  To sum it up, we celebrate a sadistic monster who did nothing really noteworthy besides show natives how cruel people can be.

My goal in starting this movement is to rename the national holiday, Columbus Day, to make it celebrate the Native Americans rather than the man who abused them in so many ways.  It's time to set the record straight.

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