Mandatory Psych Evaluations For Our Protection.

Mandatory Psych Evaluations For Our Protection.

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There is an insatiable desire now more than ever for the people and citizens of the United States to be given the adequate care, protection, and rights that they deserve. Too long have we allowed ourselves to do what can be seen to many as the bare minimum to ensure the fair treatment, safety, and protection of basic human rights of EVERY citizen in our great country.

I am proposing that a law be considered and created to ensure the protection of everyone:

Mandatory psychology evaluations for anyone entering any field that requires serving and protecting the integrity of our infrastructure, citizens, and Healthcare systems.

Meaning any and every politician, police officer, military member, nurse, optometrist, teacher, or librarian even has to get a psychological evaluation. This is to make sure they're committed to the level of care, mental stability, and unbiased opinion required to carry out the full responsibility and discipline that comes with their line of work. 

I beg, and I plea for this to be heard, for this is what we all deserve as citizens, and human beings, to know and understand every precaution is being taken to ensure our safety. In order to uphold our standard as the leading democracy and symbol of freedom, we must come together to ensure our leadership, our Healthcare system, justice department, and infrastructure as a whole is as healthy as it can possibly be.

From federal government, all the way down to local government, we must demand that we are being overseen properly by those who are meant to protect, serve, educate, heal, and uphold our constitutional rights. 

My goal, as a young man in this world, is to help create a world of true unity and unbiased systems to ensure my generation, and every generation to come, can say that they can trust in every entity that is made to keep us together, and keep us strong. 

So I ask of every politician, every policeman, every teacher, every doctor, every nurse, every musician, every artist, every protestor, every worker, every mother, every father, and every single human with compassion and empathy, please come forward to support this movement to make sure we are fixing the systems we have in place, by creating a system fair for everyone. 

If you've taken the time to read all this this, I love you. You are loved, and you are strong. You are powerful and your emotions, thoughts, and yourself are important and MATTER. We will all get through these times as long as we remember we are not alone, and have each other to be strong for. I hope you all have an amazing day, and that you're healthy.

If you or anyone you know is having difficulty understanding how to cope with mental illness, please visit or call a local healthcare professional to reach out for help. ♡