ban fur farming in the U.S

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With this petition I would like to begin the process of banning the use of fur and wool in the united states. The fur industry is one of the worse parts of the exploitation, torture, and murder of animals in the world, killing around 50 million animals a year worldwide, and around 25 million in the US by the fur industry alone. We have created this fucked up idea that draping another animal's life over our brain washed bodies is beautiful elegant and a morally correct thing to do, when in reality no one knows how much those beautiful creatures suffered so you could stay warm in the least convenient way possible. The minks, seals, foxes, chinchillas, wolves, raccoons, bunnies, sheep and various other beings used in this disgusting industry are in some cases probed with an electric metal rod that is forcibly shoved into the rectum or vagina while the creature has to bite down on a metal conductor and proceeds to be electrocuted until they pass out or die. There is of course other ways they murder these beautiful souls, such as snapping the neck and spine, gassing, and skinning them alive. The animals that are skinned alive tend to live for around 5-10 minutes after having their skin torn off of their warm bodies. After this process there corpses are thrown into the same pile the one before them ended up in. When the day is done the pile of corpses are dismembered and fed to the animals waiting to reach the same fate. But do not be think that the wool industry is any different. In most cases sheep are sheared in a hurry, causing workers to remove the wool to quickly and taking off large chunks of flesh with their coat. Some large corporations (such as UGG Australia) completely forget shearing and put the sheep through the same process of being skinned alive. This is a holocaust that needs to be put to rest. With your help people might be able to open there eyes and see how much violence they are supporting. If you know anyone, or if you yourself are someone that owns fur please put this image in your head the next time you wrap yourself in someone else's skin, or slip your feet into a pair of boots. Sign now to take our first steps to the liberation of an innocent race.