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Change the Law Regarding Sex with Minors

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Consequences for Both Parties Involved in the Act of Sex with a Minor

Our current laws are designed to punish the older participant of a sexual encounter whether they are male or female with no punishment are responsibility to the younger participant.

There are thousands of cases where the male has been incarcerated for having sex with a minor and nothing happens to the female.

We have all heard how a girl concealed her age and voluntarily had sex with an older person. When this occurs it’s not the girl that gets in trouble with the law but the person that has been deceived.

As a concerned citizen I am trying to prevent this from ever happening again. When the girl/boy is made responsible as well for the act of sex with another person then this injustice of incarceration of individuals will decrease drastically and the lives of good people will be preserved.

There are numerous cases where a male has sex with a girl and discovers that she is underage and gets incarcerated. This is a serious offense and one that can ruin a person’s life. Consider this story:

A male went to a club where you had to be eighteen or older. During his time there he hooked up with a female and ultimately they went somewhere and had sex. Several days later the parents of the girl discovered the relationship and filed charges against the male because their daughter was under the age of eighteen. The outcome is that the male goes to jail and possibly has to register as a sex offender. The girl goes on with her life as normal and is free to put another male in jail. The girl had a fake ID and knew what she was doing when she obtained it. How did the eighteen and older club not catch that this was a fake ID? Shouldn’t they be responsible in some way as well for allowing this underage female into the club? 

Consider this story as well:

A male and female start talking and seeing each other and decide to have sex. The female didn’t tell the male her age. This female looked considerably older than what she actually was and when she eventually told the male her age he told her he could not see her again. She said she wouldn’t tell her mother or anyone else and he still said he couldn’t because he didn’t want to get into trouble.  She told her mother and now this male is sitting in jail.  This is a lie of omission and this young lady should be the one in trouble not the male. Just as the female in the example above this person is allowed to continue on as if she did nothing wrong and live her life as normal.

The law says these girls are not of age to know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to sex. Stealing, vandalism, murder, etc… are offenses they can be punished for under the law for but not sex. This is beyond unbelievable and this needs to be changed! The law states that a minor hasn’t the emotional wherewithal to make a decision to have or not have sex. This is not what this petition is debating but rather it is trying to get enough people to agree that both parties should bear the consequences of their actions. Also if one of the parties involved lied or deceived the other party regarding their age they should be the ones punished instead of the other party involved. When minors realize that this is against the law then they will think hard and long about engaging in sex until they are of legal age.

Kyle Joseph Scott who is a Sexual Harassment Attorney states that in California the age of consent is 18. Therefore he says that when two minors engage in sexual activity then each of them is considered to be a victim and a perpetrator. Even though both minors are not emotionally and mentally capable of giving their consent to sexual activity they have the good sense to know they are engaging in an illegal act.

There are many articles to found on the internet such as “Girls Who Lie About Their Age Should Be Charged With A Sex Crime” and this petition echo’s this  charge.
In today’s promiscuous sexual revolution females are taught that sex is to be used and flaunted in front of the males. As a result, the United States leads the world in teen pregnancy and there are 19 million new STD infections every single year. Our society is teaching girls of all ages that sex is what being a female is all about. Consider the facts below for how this is validated and played out in our society:

·       There are 19 million new STD infections in the United States every single year.  Approximately half of them happen to young people in the 15 to 24-year-old age bracket.

·       There were more than 1.4 million cases of chlamydia reported in the United States in 2011.  An astounding 33 percent of those cases involved Americans that were younger than 20 years of age.

·       It is estimated that about one out of every six Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 have genital herpes.

·       In the United States today, approximately 47 percent of all high school students have had sex.

·       Sadly, one out of every four teen girls in the U.S. has at least one sexually transmitted disease.

·       According to one survey, 24 percent of all U.S. teens that have STDs say that they still have unprotected sex.

·       Amazingly, one out of every five teen girls in the U.S. actually wants to be a teenage mother.

·       If you can believe it, the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet.  In fact, the United States has a teen pregnancy rate that is more than twice as high as Canada, more than three times as high as France and more than seven times as high as Japan.

·       The sexual revolution has caused women to be primarily looked at as sex objects.  In this kind of environment, it should be no surprise that there has been an absolute explosion of pornography in recent years.  An astounding 30 percent of all Internet traffic now goes to pornography websites, and the U.S. produces more pornography than any other nation has in the history of the world.

(Snyder, M., 2013, para. 1).

 American women are being destroyed by the sexual revolution and our promiscuous culture… and the lives of young men are being destroyed by girls giving in to this promiscuous behavior.

This also brings up another problem. Thousands of men are spending time in jail or prison for having engaged in sex with a minor. In many of the cases the girl concealed her age either by not telling the man how old she was or she lied outright about how old she was. What occurs is that the man is the offender and he alone is punished. In cases such as this the girl should be the one that is punished and not the man. The lack of commonsense in our laws is appalling and this is one instance where it is illuminated. How is a man to protect himself from this? Girls falsify their Id’s to get into clubs and to obtain alcoholic beverages and if the club owner can’t make the distinction then how is the man that chooses to have sex with the girl going to know this. Girls are constantly having sex with men knowing that they are not of legal age and they need to be held responsible for their actions. When this occurs the man should be exonerated of any wrong doing and the girl should be the one paying the price for her illegal actions. This is no difference than baiting, setting a trap, entrapment or whatever you want to call it and the girl should be the one getting in trouble with the law not the man.

 So what can be done about any of this?

Making girls responsible for their sexual misbehavior is where it starts. If the girl realizes that she too will be punished as severally under the law as the male or in cases where she lied or concealed her age and suffers the punishment by herself then we will see a drastic reduction of this sexual offense taking place. The old adage “it takes two to tangle” is so apropos in this situation. When the girls are facing jail time the majority of them will cease to sleep around.

Parents, guardians, school officials, the media, and others that have an influence in a young girl’s life need to step up to their responsibilities of providing for their well-being. Schools that have adopted the foolish and irresponsible act of teaching safe sex, offering contraceptives to the children, providing help for abortions, and keeping the parents in the dark regarding the child’s sexual behavior has got to stop. What they are engaging in is the contribution to a crime being committed. What they need to be teaching is that having sex before reaching the age of maturity (according to the law) is against the law and doing so will among other things destroy many young men’s lives. When this takes place and loose sexuality is no longer glorified or seen as acceptable behavior we will see these cases of statutory rape decline considerably.

Bottom line is that it is illegal for minors to be participating in any sexual activity. The problem is that the law goes after the older participant and not the younger party. In no way is this addressing the case of rape. That is another issue all together and has nothing to do with what this petition is talking about.

By signing your name to this petition you are saying to our government officials to pass a law that makes the girl that has not been forthcoming of her age as responsible, if not the only one responsible, to the act of sex with the male. You are also speaking out to the school officials to start teaching the young girls that having sex before reaching the legal age is illegal and can result in destroying the lives of those they have sex with. This message also strongly encourages parents and anyone that has an influence in the lives of minors to be good role models and teach their children the law on having sex before the legal age.

 Concern Citizens for Justice


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