Stop Serving Shark Meat in San Diego

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Saving sharks is extremely important to keep our oceans healthy. Sharks are apex predators, and removing them from the food chain causes prey populations to overpopulate the oceans. When caught, sharks don't have the time to reproduce and are not able to continue the shark population, as most sharks mature slowly and have few offspring. 90-95% of the sharks in the world are eradicated for the consumption of shark meat. As being an apex predator, they have high levels of mercury poisoning. Mercury is highly toxic and dangerous for children's developing brains if consumed. The mako shark has 1.8 ppm (parts per million) of mercury in its body... The Environmental Protection Agency recommends no more than 0.3 ppm. That's 6 times higher than the recommended! Sharks are really misunderstood and aren't the "mindless killing machines" Jaws portrays them to be. With a little care and action, these surprisingly compassionate animals can keep our oceans thriving with life! Only with YOUR help do they have a chance to survive. Getting these guys off our San Diego restaurant menus could mean a huge change in ocean productivity.