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Tx Lawmakers: Up Taxes, Use the Rainy Day Fund, But Don't Cut Funding to Schools!


At a time when local governments across Texas are already experiencing budget shortfalls, the proposed state budget includes deep cuts that will translate into huge losses for public schoools.  Recommended cuts total $3.1 billion dollars or approximately 9% of funding to public schools.

You may be asking yourself, have any new taxes been proposed?  The answer is no.  What about the Rainy Day Fund that has a balance of $8 billion dollars, can't they use that?  Yes, indeed - but Governor Perry won't let it be touched....apparently, it's not "raining" hard enough.

Property taxes are a major funding mechanism local governments use to fund schools.  Due to record home foreclosures, public schools all over Texas are already facing huge shortfalls.  And now lawmakers are going to make a bad sitation worse?!

If the proposed budget passes, 1,000's of good teachers will lose their jobs.  Elective classes will be cut.  Many clubs and extracurricular activities will no longer be available.  School Librarians will become a rare commodity.  The number of kids in classrooms will increase dramatically, affecting the quality of education our kids receive.  And what of these good teachers that lose their jobs?  These are our neighbors, our friends, that will be counted among the unemployed.  

Sign the petition and tell lawmakers that education is a priority for Texans.  Tell them not to "Mess with Texas" schools in their budgeting process and to restore education budgets to full funding.

Letter to
Governor Rick Perry
State Senator Kel Seliger
State Senator Judith Zaffirini
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State Senator Royce West
State Senator Leticia Van De Putte
State Senator Charles Schwertner
State Senator Sylvia Garcia
State Senator John Carona
State Senator Dan Patrick
State Senator Ken Paxton 2
State Representative Helen Giddings
State Representative Gene Wu
State Representative Mike Villarreal
State Representative Diane Patrick
State Representative Myra Crownover
State Representative Geanie Morrison
State Representative Jimmie Aycock
State Senator Wendy Davis
Texas State House
Texas State Senate
Texas Governor
I'm asking you to stick your neck out for education funding in Texas and ensure funding to public schools is maintained at the current level.

As you are aware, property taxes are a major funding mechanism local governments use to fund their schools. Due to record foreclosures, public schools all over Texas are already facing big shortfalls. If state funding to public schools is reduced, the situation will go from bad to worse. Please ensure this doesn't happen - our kids are depending on you!

Why should education be a sacred cow? Because it's about our children - it's our future. And it's our neighbors and our communities. Education is supposed to be a priority in Texas. Does that still stand true?

These are trying economic times - everybody knows that. But we must have a bottom line, a limit economically and philosophically, that we will not cross.

Let education be our bottom line here in Texas. Please do what you can to restore funding to public schools in the State budget.