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On April 2, 2018 without warning, my Sacerdotus account on Twitter was suspended. I was surprised. On Sunday, I tweeted links regarding Holy Week. What did I do wrong? Is this an April's Fools prank?

Well according to Twitter Support, they claim that I posted hate against. In other words, they claim that I violated their hateful conduct policy. They provided the offending tweets. Two of these tweets deal with health statistics and the last one deals with a historical statistic.

As you can see, none of them qualify as hate. Twitter is simply discriminating against religious accounts. I appealed their decision and have not heard from them. It seems I may have to contact a lawyer again to help me. This time, I will have to file a lawsuit as Twitter is being abusive and violating my rights. Not only are they violating my rights, but they are defaming me by accusing me of posting hate. Again, these tweets have nothing to do with hate. They are informative tweets based on available statistics.

UPDATE: April 4, 2018:

Early today, I filed another appeal and got a message saying that my case was still open. Within minutes, they finally replied to my first appeal stating that they will not reinstate my account and accused me of posting hate and attacking/threatening others with the tweets they classify as hate.

My account was falsely reported for hate by someone retaliating against me after he got suspended. The tweets Twitter is classifying as hate is not hate. They are tweets with health and history facts. I can prove it. The tweet about anilingus is not hate against gays or people with diseases. This tweet is just informing people of the dangers of the act of anilingus. I was citing this:

The tweet about Atheism and Mental health rates is citing a study (I put it in quotes "Religious affiliation and suicide attempt"), here is the link for the study:

Lastly, the tweet about Atheism and highest rates of mass murders is from these articles touching on historical sources:

Please reinstate my account. As you can see, there is nothing hateful about posting facts in a tweet. I am not sure how Twitter can view facts as hate. Notice how I am not judging anyone nor making offensive statements. These are facts on health and history. Even @NYCgov tweeted the same information about hepatitis infection here:

.@nycHealthy sees increase in #hepatitis A cases among gay men in NYC. Get a #free vaccine!

— City of New York (@nycgov) October 14, 2017


Why were they not suspended and I was? My tweets are not hateful and my suspension is unwarranted. I will have to contact the media and a Catholic law firm if you do not show consideration and reinstate my account. There is no hate found in my tweets at all. The suspension you imposed is unwarranted. You bill your network as allowing users to express themselves via free speech, yet you suspended me for sharing health and historical facts. This is contrary to your company's vision. Please restore my account.

Let us see how they will respond this time. Clearly, they are targeting religious and conservative accounts. Last year, an employee deactivated President Trump's account on purpose. We can see that Twitter has a problem with employees who are bias and take their bias out on users. I believe this is the case with me. My tweets are health and historical statistics. Why did they not suspend the NYCGov account which posted the same thing?

If Twitter does not restore my account, I will be contacting the media and lawyers to file a lawsuit against the company for infringing on my rights, religious speech, defamation and will ask for monetary damages for the loss I am facing due to the fact that I cannot tweet my Gofundme nor links to sell my books. Their suspension of my account is totally unwarranted. I have reported abuse against myself and others and Twitter ignored my complaints, yet they target me for tweets with health and history statistics... unbelievable.

My account was falsely reported by a troll who was suspended a few months ago. Apparently he thinks I got him suspended and took revenge. See the account Please report it for hate against me and other Christians.

Please spread this post everywhere and send it to the media. We need to fight back.
Pray for me! I will fight this.

Please sign this petition and flood Twitter with your concerns and complaints to Jack Dorsey and Del Harvey at their address and fax number. Demand that they restore my account and the accounts of other Christians who were suspended without valid reason.  

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