Remove @CockSlutNicole from Twitter for good.

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As a professional, it is very important that people know where to find me. The person listed above has been the bane of my existence for quite a few months now. They are using photos of me, although a bit old, as their own to gain followers and attention. While this little cry for attention wouldn't gain much thought from me, I've noticed that some of the pictures they've mixed in are photos of me from before I was 18 years old, and that makes me very uncomfortable. I've asked the person multiple times to take the photos down, to no avail.

Since I have a pretty big following, I thought that maybe asking my followers to report them on their actual page would be enough to get Twitter's attention, but I was wrong. I've had dozens of people report her with no change. Sometimes, she will stopped posting on the account for weeks, as if she had abandoned it. As soon as I turn my back, she starts up again.

Twitter has done nothing to help me, so It's up to us to get their attention. Allowing imposters and identity theives to remain on their site is incredibly unprofessional. I am not a famous person. I am an normal human being, and I won't stand for having my photos stolen anymore. It is a horrible feeling, and something must be done.

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