Denounce Climate Terrorism

Denounce Climate Terrorism

November 23, 2021
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Started by Hefner.Energy

As I wrote in We Need Leaders Who Prioritize People Over Molecules, climate leaders “seem to have portrayed the problem in such an extremist way that they have convinced a growing army of climate warriors that terrorism is justified.”

Consider that Tracy Stone-Manning, Biden’s appointment to Director of the Bureau of Land Management, was confirmed by Congress despite proof that she was involved in eco-terrorism and lying under oath.

The New Yorker has continued to platform the terrorist, Andreas Malm, since September. Malm published a book titled, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, and “insists that the climate movement rethink its roots in nonviolence” in his podcast with David Remnick. Amazon continues to platform his book. When asked if he was planning an act of terrorism, Malm replied, “if I was planning things, I wouldn’t tell you.”

The metaphors were dramatic at COP26, as former President Barack Obama instructed the crowd to “vote like your life depends on it.” British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, described it as a doomsday device strapped to humanity. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that humans are “digging our own graves.” Another called on world leaders to commit concrete actions to “stop the extinction of our species.”

Can we truly blame people for believing the world is going to end, despite the unfounded rehtoric, when their leaders tell them their existence is at risk if they don’t respond in an equally extreme way? Given all these dire warnings from respected leaders, that Glasgow is largely seen as a failure in climate circles further compounds the perceived desperation. If climate extremists were not already to the point of embracing terrorism before Glasgow, they might now be squarely past their breaking point.

David Suzuki, the godfather of the Canadian environmental movement, seemed to echo Andres Malm as he warned “pipelines will be blown up if leaders don’t act on climate change.” As Suzuki acknowledged in his prepared comments, violence within the environmental movement is already happening.

Technology giants Facebook and Twitter chose to de-platform the sitting President of the United States for incitement to violence in the wake of the events of January 6th – former president Donald Trump remains de-platformed despite the FBI’s apparent conclusions to the contrary, although the investigations are still ongoing.

Seemingly immune from applying their own incitement to violence claims uniformly, the technology giants continue to platform the growing army of eco-terrorists like Malm and Suzuki. Amazon continues to platform How to Blow Up a Pipeline.

The Premier of Alberta Canada tweeted, “This incitement to violence by David Suzuki is dangerous and should be condemned universally.” It remains to be seen whether leftist media groups like The New Yorker and technology giants like Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook will take action against a political faction they see as their main customer base?

Bill McKibben, the founder of, happens to be a contributor at The New Yorker where he writes a weekly newsletter on the environment called The Climate Crisis. The New Yorker continues to platform Andres Malm whose calls appear to be clear-cut incitement to violence. Will McKibben speak up against his own paper, and denounce these calls for violence? Will he denounce others?

Any attack on our energy infrastructure would quickly lead to blackouts and, in turn, deaths. Winter Storm Uri was the most recent reminder of how critical this infrastructure is to society. What many might not appreciate, as we head into this winter, is that cold kills at a far higher rate than heat.

The increase in climate rhetoric seems to have a strong correlation to an increasing militancy within the climate community. Michael E. Mann just published his new book, The New Climate War, which provides a militaristic lens to the cause.

It is past time for climate leaders to tone down their rhetoric, unequivocally denounce all incitement to violence, and call on big tech to apply their terms of service uniformly. Otherwise, it is likely that they will have blood on their hands.

Sign this petition to call on climate leaders like Bill McKibben and Al Gore to tone down their rhetoric. Sign this petition to denounce Andres Malm and David Suzuki, and all those who platform their incitement to violence. 

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