Ban Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account

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Kangana Ranaut’s recent tweets are harming the Indian Farmers, who are peacefully protesting for their rights and are asking for nothing but the repeal of the 3 farm laws passed by the Indian Government. Kangana keeps calling the farmers “terrorists” and is promoting rage and harm against the farmers. 

Her recent tweet literally called the Sikh farmers “cancer in the body of this nation” and said how the “process of eradication will start.”

Kangana is clearly talking about ethnic cleansing aka genocide! She is trying to recreate the 1984 Sikh Genocide and is promoting severe hatred, harm, and violence against the innocent farmers.

The farmers have been fighting for their rights and justice for more than half a year now! They have been peacefully protesting at the borders of Delhi, and received nothing but brutality, violence, and war tactics from the indian police and government. 

Kangana is just adding to the troubles of already tensed farmers by shit-talking through her twitter account. 

Twitter is a platform where voices are heard, but when the voices become the screams for hatred, violence, and inhumanity..... then such voices must be silenced for the sake of humanity. 

Twitter, please BAN Kangana Ranaut’s twitter account as this world will be a much safer and a much peaceful place without her voice in it. 

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