Add "Disability" related Tag to Twitch

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Hello! I am Rana, a Disabled streamer on the platform: Twitch.

Its been no mystery to us for a while now that Twitch lacks diversity, and to make that even worse, it also lacks ways to find streamers within a minority community. A main focus of my streams is to not only represent the Disabled community, but to also advocate, educate, and be a listening ear to people within the community. I know many others like myself too.

There is absolutely no way for people to know this unless they read panels and/or hang out in these streams for a bit first, and I feel that is just not acceptible. We have tags for Mental Health, Closed Captions and LGBT; its about damn time we added a tag for us Disabled folks, and those who advocate for us, too. Inclusivity is so important, we have come so far but we still have so far to go; and we need staff at Twitch to do it.

People watch Twitch from all walks of life, so many different cultures but also so many different levels of experience with Disability. Twitch is a platform that is not only used for gaming, art, or hanging out; its a place where people can learn in an amazing setting surrounded by such a diverse group of people, a place where people can find a community with people like them and maybe feel more confident in themselves and their situation. Its just such a shame that it all goes to waste due to the lack of a tag; a way to be found.

My suggestion is a tag called "Disability Advocate" or "Disability" or "Disabled"; whichever fits most (however I feel Disablity Advocate fits really well and is most inclusive and also empowering). The tag would be "For streams with an emphasis on the study or discussion of Disability related topics" or similar!

I struggled so much growing up disabled, and even as a younger adult, with having little to no way to learn about my disabilites. I felt lost, alone, and very much broken in my situation. I don't want others to feel like me, I want people to be able to find streamers who are there for them. There are streamers who advocate for the Disabled Community, we want to make a social change.

But change will not happen unless enough of us take action and speak out, share the word, and make them think about this and finally give us a way to successfully use their platform.

It doesn't matter who you are, I am asking EVERYONE. Please consider signing this petition, every vote counts. WE HAVE TO BE HEARD!