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They think they have the authority to put a 30m microwave tower in our back yard

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NBN Co have distributed a letter advising locals that they will install a 30m microwave tower on a hill in Clothiers Creek, and another in neighbouring Stokers Siding, NSW, locations surrounded by family homes. How do they think that this is their decision to make? We did not ask for giant towers to overshadow, radiate, and devalue our homes. In other locations they are installing fibre-optics, a cleaner, faster, safer, and long-term oriented solution.

In the letter they have advised the levels of radiation to be expected at various distances from the tower. If we look at 400m, where there are families living, we see a level of  0.573μW/m2. Check this against the multitude of studies of the effects of microwave radiation undertaken in the last few decades and we see that this level causes a two-fold increase in childhood leukaemia rate, DNA fragmentation, infertility, sleep and concentration problems, headaches, child behavioural problems, and more. Again, how do they think they have the authority to inflict this on families, to save money on their project?

We have a choice. We can choose fast, clean, safe, proven technology, or we can choose quick, easy, proven unsafe, cheap technology. NBN Co have chosen for us, let's tell them this isn't their decision to make. Join us in taking a stand against these faceless corporations who decide what's best for us, we are the ones living under the shadows of these towers, why is this not our decision? This petition isn't just for us and this one proposal, it's for all of us as if we don't stand up to them who knows they might be bringing one to your doorstep next.

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