Save Lot 2 Clothiers Creek Rd, Bogangar/Cabarita Beach for Wildlife and Future Generations

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I call on the community of Bogangar/Cabarita Beach, and all interested people from surrounding districts, including tourists and visitors who love our region, to sign this petition TO SUPPORT the local community of Bogangar/Cabarita Beach and Tweed Shire Council's decision to propose, Lot 2 Clothiers Creek Road Bogangar, 2488,  be acquired by the State Government to extend the Cudgen Nature Reserve for protection of our diminishing Koala population and save the important ecological wetlands and forests for future generations to enjoy.

Lot 2 Clothiers Creek Road, Bogangar/Cabarita Beach 2488, was purchased from a local family by The Sherpa Property Group in 2018. This property has recently been advertised by Ray White Special Projects Queensland, as "One of 2020's most desired development opportunities", with potential options such as a cavavan park, aged care/seniors living, ecotourism, educational establishments, child care, cafe or lifestyle retreat, "subject to council approval".

The 73.5 Ha property, encroaches on Cudgen Nature Reserve, locality of Cudgen Lake, and directly adjacent the Koala reserve, also considered one of the most significant Koala habitats on the Tweed Coast.

Stated in "The Tweed Coast Koala Habitat Study" 2011, the Tweed Koala population had declined by 50% between the years, 2000-2010 leaving an estimated 144 Koalas. These numbers were confined to 3 sub-populations :- Cudgen Lake/Kings Forest, Round Mountain/Koala Beach and Pottsville/Black Rock areas, all of which are being impacted by development.

The addition of further development in their habitat increases risk of death due to loss of food source, and incidental mortality such as road strike, dog attacks and disease.

The study concludes that to sustain 170 Koala's in the wild, they would need 2400Ha. At the time of the report (2011), actual connected bush land patches on the Tweed equated to less than 2300 Ha.

After a catastrophic season of bush fires in Australia 2019/2020, and the loss of so much native flora and fauna, it is crucial that the proposed land remains undeveloped for the future of Koalas, and endangered flora and fauna in our area.

Cudgen Nature Reserve is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community, including important remnant vegetation types, littoral and subtropical rainforest, dry and wet sclerophyll forests, swamp melaleuca forest, swamp oak, heathlands, woodlands, grasslands, mangroves and freshwater wetlands. It is also home to a diverse range of birds and reptiles. This is really important, what we lose today we can never get back tomorrow.

Thank you for your support in a one and only chance to save what we love.