Turn Delhi Zoo into A World Class Wildlife Rescue Centre

Turn Delhi Zoo into A World Class Wildlife Rescue Centre

9 January 2020
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Prakash Javadekar (Environment Minister and Chairperson, Central Zoo Authority) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ani Care

The whole concept of keeping animals caged and being mistreated for people's entertainment is just morally wrong. Not only are they deprived of their freedom, but they are mistreated in the worst ways you can imagine. 


Neglect and corruption have sucked their teeth into the Zoo and the ones paying the heaviest price, with their lives, are the poor animals being held captive inside. 

We are a group of teenagers who can’t bear to let this nightmare continue. So we are raising our voices for these voiceless animals with this petition. 

The list of problems at The Delhi Zoo is endless.

Firstly, there's a severe shortage of staff. The overall staff has come down from 350 to 80. In the animal section, it's gone down to 30 from 80 employees. There are only 20 animal keepers left in the zoo and out of these few, most of them are unmotivated and disinterested in taking care of these animals.

According to a recently conducted census, the Delhi zoo recorded 245 animal deaths from April 2018 to June 2019 - the second-highest mortality figure in five years as reported by The Economic Times. The zoo has lost 10 species of animals and 27 species do not have a mating partner.

The animals are being given expired medicine, they are being neglected and they are dying. 

There have also been suspicious and unrecorded deaths of animals, alleged foul play in its maintenance as well as illegal trafficking of animals as reported by The Print.
Humans are being inhumane at this point. 

Our Goal:

 After we get enough people to support this cause (our aim is about 100,000 people), we will go to the Environment Minister who heads the Central Zoo Authority to close The Delhi Zoo once and for all and transform it into an animal rescue centre.

The wildlife animals that have already been living in the zoo, cannot possibly be thrown back into the wild, but they will be well taken care of until they decease. New wildlife will not be taken from their homes (jungles, forests, etc) to be brought here unless they need medical treatment.

The only animals that will be brought in/given shelter are the ones that need to be rescued/ taken care of. Once they are cured, they will be released back into their natural habitat. 

Visitors will be banned and new animals for entertainment purposes will not be brought in.

The concept of having a zoo will be demolished. 

We are 5 high school girls but we believe we can make a difference if thousands of people support this cause.

There’s no reason why the Delhi Zoo can't become a world-class rescue centre for wildlife. Let’s raise our voices and make the government listen.

Sign our petition and share it with everyone you know, whether they live in Delhi or not, whether they love animals or not. 

(Image credit: Wikimedia)

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Signatures: 28,665Next Goal: 35,000
Support now