Turn Capelrig House over to the community

Turn Capelrig House over to the community

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Capelrig House, in the grounds of Eastwood High School, is/was a fine 18th Century Mansion. More information on the history of Capelrig, going right back to The Knights Templar, can be found on  Wikipedia.

This lovely building has been neglected for decades and has fallen into terrible disrepair. East Renfrewshire Council are responsible for it, as it is one of their 'assets'.

I would like to see Capelrig House turned over to the Community to be used as an Arts Centre and Workshop Space, to give the community a place to meet, to create, to learn new skills, to display and sell crafts and to support those in the Community who feel alone or isolated, including young people, women who want a space to create their crafts while chatting with others, as opposed to being at home alone, and men who would like to join other men, or women, in joinery workshops, fixing and repairing things, and all sorts of other courses, talks and exhibitions.

Newton Mearns has been allowed by the Council to expand and expand without any heart or centre factored into it. It is simply a sprawling, sterile suburb. 

The Avenues Shopping Centre, the only place that passes as a community hub, have built an Artisan Market that has lain empty  since it was constructed in the old RS McColls. They want to charge commercial rates of hundreds of pounds a day. Creative people cannot afford that.

This community needs a heart and soul and we have the right to demand that the Council gives us a property to serve as a genuine community hub.

If they give us this building, we can then apply for Lottery Funding to cover all the necessary renovations and repair, and to modernise the building to incorporate a lift, and to redecorate it's faded grandeur.

I have already established a Community Interest Company, based in Newton Mearns. All we need is a property to call our own.

Sign this petition if you would like to see Capelrig House turned over to the Community. It will then be handed to East Renfrewshire Council, who are obliged by law to consider the proposal.

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!