To stop a potential railtrail from tearing apart my Grandfather's legacy, destroying the beautiful Gilmore valley and those with farms effected by this.

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My name is Amy Butler, I was extremely fortunate enough to grow up in a piece of heaven, God's country some would call it. This beautiful place is Tumut, situated in country NSW. It is my family's property that is situated just outside of Tumut, in an area called Gilmore. My family, the Butler's, among many others in the valley, have lived there since the early 1800s and were lucky to have been passed on such amazing properties. With mine alone being farmed by my Father and his Parents for well over 83 years. I am a fifth generation member of the Butler family in Gilmore. The Gilmore valley consists of many families and ages, ranging from the newly weds to the seniors who still get up at the crack of dawn to commence their days work on their farm. My Grandmother at the age of 92, still does this, it's what I believe keeps her going strong. Not only is it her passion and drive for what she does so incredibly well, but it's because it's the only thing she knows how and what to do. It is this age group in particular, but not limited to,that struggles with the idea of their property being ripped up, divided and used as a track, "rail trail", for others enjoyment. How do you explain not only to these leaders of our community, but to budding farming families, you're farm needs to be teared apart for a track? Livestock, native animals and farms will be teared apart, theft, trespassing, graffiti, and rubbish will take place. Let alone a disturbance to the vital eco-system of Gilmore will be disrupted. There is a group of people who have decided that Gilmore was the perfect area to tear apart not only people's livelihood, homes, place of work and livestock to make what is called a "rail trail", in other words, an expensive track for cyclists. The Gilmore residents are exhausted, they're pleas of this trail not going ahead need to be heard. Not only is it distressing for all the residents involved, but to listen and hear of acts of intimidation from people involved in this organisation who want this trail to go ahead is absolutely heartbreaking! The stress alone of this proposed idea has taken its toll on the Residents of Gilmore and in particular my Parents. This "rail trail" needs to be stopped! So I urge you, PLEASE, please sign this petition, and then share it. I need your help, the Gilmore residents need your help.