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Reverse image size change taking place on 30/11/14, and return to old image sizes before 30/11/14

For individuals who use Tumblr for personal reasons and professional reasons this layout change impacts what could be years of work.

Photographs, gifs, edits, that are tailored to Tumblr's previous image sizes (500px, 245px and 160px respectively) now look over stretched, not only putting across a bad image for the runners behind the blog who might be looking to sell merchandise or promote their product, but it puts a bad image on Tumblr themselves, who now have a website full of over stretched, pixelly images.

Please return Tumblr's images width to it's original sizes (500px, 245px, 160px) rather than the current measurements (540px, 268px, 177px). This also includes spacing between photosets.

Please listen to your audience and return Tumblr's photo sizing to how it was originally.

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