Tufts University: Revoke MO Governor Eric Greitens's Honorary Degree

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In recent weeks, troubling revelations have come to light about Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. A report by the Missouri legislature released yesterday alleges that Governor Greitens sexually assaulted and blackmailed his former hairdresser. We condemn these actions, and are calling for Governor Greitens to resign from his post as Governor.

Furthermore, Governor Greitens spoke at Tufts commencement and received an honorary degree from the university in 2012. We are calling on the administration to rescind this degree, as it did in the case of Bill Cosby. Institutions with a public platform, such as Tufts, have a responsibility to demonstrate that these actions are unacceptable and that their perpetrators will be held accountable.

We urge the administration to condemn the actions of Governor Greitens in a show of solidarity with victims of sexual assault--this behavior has no place in a governor's office or at Tufts University.