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A girl denied to enter in Mangeushi Temple Goa with WHEELCHAIR

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What if a wheelchair has become a part of the body? Yes, this is a question of a 17 What if a wheelchair has become a part of the body? Yes, this is a question of a 17-year-old Sanika’s to the society. My daughter who is a differently able child since birth had a gruesome experience when she was denied to enter in the Mangueshi Temple of Goa with her wheelchair. According to the temple administration person Mr.Kekre that WHEELCHAIR is a VEHICLE and VEHICLES are not allowed in the temple and this was the decision taken by the trustee.

Being parents, for the very first time we found ourselves helpless and abandoned because of the  behavior of temple’s management people. They outrightly denied her to enter inside the temple with wheelchair.

As a Hindu and Indian, we understand the responsibility and sanctity of holy places as well.
The Mangeshi Temple’s trustees of Goa must understand the feelings of Hindu pilgrims as they come with all faith and purity from their heart. So, as Sanika with her parents also went to the Lord Shiva’s threshold to bow down and to thank HIM for whatever HE has given to her. Also, she visited the temple to ask for the same strength to live this beautiful life onwards. But, we all got a traumatized moment when administration person Mr. Kekre nastily said that “We have not invited you to visit this temple.”

My dear friends, I also would like to ask you all what the invitation from GOD means? That means one has to leave the world or that means the death of this carnation. How can be a temple person can ask or say anything which translates inhuman/merciless/unsympathetic/cannibalistic/uncouth etc.? The words are not enough to express our feelings.

I want to raise my voice not for my daughter but also for millions of such people who had been traumatized at the threshold of GOD which is said to be the place of the end of all worries? Then why these trustees or so- called priests ask for offerings from the visitors? Don’t they understand that all luxury of lives is from the offerings of people like us?

Nevertheless, she had a happy and nostalgic tour of many pilgrimages like Mahankaleshwar, Omkareshwar in M.P., Shirdi, Triambkeshwar,  Kolhapur, Tuljapur and Gondawale in Maharashtra, Iskon temple in Mumbai and Pune, Shrishailam in Telangana & Akshardham in Gujarat, SHANTADURGA TEMPLE in Goa itself with this wheelchair. All these temples paid her lots of respect as they have made special path and doors for senior citizens and differently able people. 

Because of all that experience, she has a faith that if God closes a door then indeed he opens the other.
I would not say that she has never come across with the situation where she has not been treated as what she possesses different from others. But, yes very much thankful to her schoolmates, teachers and rest of the people who never make her feel about all this.

Now, my question is to Trustee of the temple, Chief Minister of Goa and to the Goa Tourism as well that when Prime Minister of India is announcing to make India hassle-free zone(Assessable India), then why such treatment from any temple? Government is constructing many ramps and foot-path to make the visits of such people easy and nostalgic then why Mangeshi temple is not treating such people wholeheartedly.

I want an answer on behalf of all those parents and people who were hurt due to such incapability which was natural. Therefore, I urge that Government of Goa should take an action against such traumatized happenings by constructing special ramps, by arranging palanquin or any other arrangement suitable as per the geographical and climatic condition of village Mangueshi. So that in the future confidence of any Sanika or XYZ may not get shaken because of their special body part like wheelchair.

Now one question arises wheather a WHEELCHAIR IS A BARRIER OR A SUPPORT TO ANY DIFFERENTLY ABLED PERSON and any other Senior citizen who is on WHEELCHAIR?

Please support by signing  the petition against  injustice to physically challenge people by temples like Mangueshi.

Thanks and Regards,

S Keskar.


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