Reduce airplane noise in New Farm & surrounding suburbs from the new Brisbane runway*

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* Please see footnote re change in ownership of this petition.

Brisbane Airport opened its new runway (Runway 01L/19R) on 12 July 2020 to operate parallel to its existing runway (Runway 01R/19L).  As a result of the new runway, homes in inner city Brisbane such as New Farm, Teneriffe, Newstead, Hamilton (and across the river in Hawthorne, Bulimba)  are subjected to unnecessary and significant noise by aircraft arriving at and departing from Brisbane Airport. Our lifestyles are negatively impacted, our health is affected, and our neighbourhoods are at risk of being torn apart as people look to move to quieter suburbs. Allowing flight paths that reduce carrier costs, at the expense of the health of residents and the quiet enjoyment of our homes, is short sighted and severely negatively impacts Brisbane as a liveable city.

What do we want out of this petition?  We expect the Brisbane airport to employ every possible noise mitigation measure available to it as promised during the community consultation period and in keeping with the recommendations of the environmental impact statement. These include, but are not limited to, taking off and landing over the bay whenever the weather permits and using the legacy runway for flights taking off or arriving over land.  New Farm was forecast to have no more than 2-4 flights per day above 70 dB. This is currently being exceeded even with the airport operating at reduced capacity. Flights passing over our suburbs at such low elevations are unnecessary as there are noise mitigation strategies available that were required as part of the approval process, but are not being employed. Noise reduction, community health, and liveability MUST be the number one priority over operational efficiency and savings for airport and airlines. 

Trevor Evans, as Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, and as our Federal Member for Brisbane, we implore you to act now and represent the interests of your constituents.  Accepting noise pollution, where there are viable options to reduce noise, is akin to dumping chemicals directly into our river. 

Residents, please join-in and sign this petition, share it with your neighbours.  We must hold Brisbane Airport Corporation, AirServices Australia, CASA and our MPs accountable. Please leave a comment telling us why you are signing. 

Additionally you may lodge a noise complaint with Airservices Australia via this link .  

If you wish to track the flights going over your home, you may do so via this link.  Hovering over the 'yellow plane icon' will tell you details of the flight, including the elevation of the plane as it goes over your house. You may be shocked to see planes over your neighbourhood at 1000 feet!

*  Footnote:   In November 2020, the author of this petition, Karen Wotherspoon, joined with other Brisbane community action groups adversely affected by Brisbane Airport’s flight paths. These communities have come together to collaborate on and advocate for urgent actions to mitigate noise pollution and other impacts on the communities living, learning and working under Brisbane Airport’s network of flight paths - we have named the combined group the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance.  Visit us on our website


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