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Treehouse TV to start Airing more accurate depictions of Inuit/Arctic life

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I am a mother, my daughter is almost two and always wants to watch treehouse, so most days I end up watching it with her, I have noticed that whenever treehouse airs an episode of any series that is focused on/includes Inuit/Arctic lifestyle, it is always a very stereotypical depiction of Inuit people, and I am sure that they have used the word "Eskimo" on at least one of their shows, and I have been told by multiple Inuit people that Eskimo is considered offensive to some people. I have also noticed that they usually say on these shows that the arctic is constantly snowy and frozen, they never mention the summer time and all the different arctic plants,other animals and even wild berries. I feel it is important to stop all of the stereotypes about Inuit people because my daughter is half Inuit and I want her to see her favorite TV shows being respectful and considerate toward her culture, and so that she can accurately learn about her culture and not be bombarded by the common stereotypes. Now I'm not saying I depend on TV to teach my daughter everything about her culture, because we do teach her about her culture in our home, whether it is speaking to her in Inuinnaqtun, eating traditional Inuit food, or wearing traditional clothing! The whole idea of this petition is not so much about the cartoons being innaccurate, it is about addressing an issue that has been with us for a long time, even if Treehouse doesn't make any changes to their current programming, I will still feel like I accomplished something great by putting this out there and making it known to more and more people and maybe this will be the first step to a big change, and a less stereotypical outlook on Inuit :) because it only takes one person to form an idea- and if more and more people agree with this idea, I would say that is an accomplishment in itself,this could be a small step toward a big change for Northern and Southern Canadians!! Even if treehouse where to add a show like the ones found on APTN that are more accurate, that would be a nice change! Thank you for reading --skye

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