Remove BCs "Bird Dogging" Laws for EVs to support a sustainable transportation future

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Currently, all BC residents are barred from receiving referral awards and credits for referring customers to BC Car Dealers and Salespeople. The claim is that the referring party is actively participating in the sale of that vehicle and therefore requires a licence or other qualifications to do so. In the majority of EV purchase cases, it's the end buyer actively seeking out a referral or recommendation. In this manner, the law against participating in referral program is an over-reach of policy. Several industries in BC are supported by happy consumers making referrals to potential new clients - the practice of rewarding referrers is widespread in the Real Estate, Retail, and Trades industries, and is an effective way to prop up those businesses and industries. Electric Vehicles require a change of consumer mindset, and their adoption relies heavily on the testimony and experience of satisfied customers. The intent of this petition is to encourage policy makers to remove the ban on end-users participating in referral award programs associated with the sales  of Electric Vehicles - especially where the referral programs are a manufacturer offering, and not a local dealer offering. In this way, we believe we can further encourage the uptake of Electric Vehicles and accelerate our goal of reaching a sustainable transportation future!