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Stop TFL from removing free travel for under-18s

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As part of TFL’s government bailout, the congestion charge will be increased, over 60’s will not have free travel during rush-hour, and under 18’s will no longer be able to travel for free on London’s buses. 

Charging under 18’s to use public transport will bring down school attendance and prevent social mobility for children from disadvantaged families. What a way to keep more families in poverty Boris, well done! 

Why are the working class paying the price for a national problem? When food bank usage and the proportion of children living in poverty is steadily increasing why add to the problem? A £1.50 bus fare twice a day is the same price as a school dinner - for families who don’t qualify for Free School Meals but who struggle to pay for lunches, this may force them to choose between feeding their child or sending them to school. 

TfL had to reduce services and stop accepting bus fares to save the lives of their staff and the general public. Do not punish them and the children of working class families for doing the right thing. 

Children have missed enough school due to the Covid-19 pandemic already, do not prevent them from attending school when it is safe to do so. Sign this petition and let the government know that you can see what they’re up to. 

- Lilly, Siva, Madeha, Huda, Laura, Sadia, Esther, Dilara, Carmen