Our NHS heroes should receive free/discounted TFL travel.

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Hi, my name is Arvinder and I am a Hospital Pharmacist based in London.

During this pandemic, our amazing NHS workers are risking their lives coming into work and helping those most vulnerable. They are doing this under extreme pressure. 

With the lockdown comes a reduced transport service, resulting in key NHS workers having to take more complicated and longer routes to work in order to selflessly help patients. One example is the axing of the night tube. This leads to essential NHS workers, who carry out shift work to instead taking a night bus that can add hours to their commute, after a long day/night at work.

Many of these NHS workers may be the only person currently working in their household and supporting other members of their family, i.e. the self employed (who may not receive payments until June). The costs of travel can be extortionate, for example the monthly travel cost from zone 1 to 5 is £237.00, which can put a heavy strain on finances during these tough times.

To say a big thank you to these heroes (some heroes don't wear capes), it would be a lovely gesture to either provide free TFL travel, or a reduced cost to these amazing workers.