Demand that CMBC give the bus drivers what they want. Bus drivers are humans too!

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The bus drivers of Coast Mountain Bus Company (owned by Translink) have been fighting for better working conditions for more than a few years now, with minimal change from Coast Mountain Bus Company (which basically means Translink has ignored their rights too).

This has to stop.

These drivers get us to where we need to go on a frequent basis, but they're also often the targets of verbal and sometimes physical abuse by passengers. With often no meal breaks in between routes (and sometimes not even washroom breaks), their working conditions are dangerous and unsuitable for workers in the Lower Mainland. This is unacceptable, and made worse by Coast Mountain Bus Company ignoring their demand for something as basic as a longer break. 

It is time to change that.

We must help them by pushing the issue, bringing this to the attention of media, Provincial government representatives, and the Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau).

We often take our working conditions for granted, especially when we have much better conditions than those that get us to and from work, school, home, shopping, etc.

We need to be there for the people who help us go where we need to, when we need to.

It is time to give our voice to the bus drivers.

If demands don't work, then we'll have to force them to see the issues from the perspective of the drivers.

For more information on what life is like as a CMBC bus driver, here's a Reddit article that sheds more light on their terrible working conditions:


Context regarding why a strike is occurring