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Toxic Villains and "Toxic Genocide"

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2004 EPA study on fracturing chemicals was compromised.  Toxic chemicals are harmful to humans.  If citizens had a voice we would choose organic drilling.

2005  Congress gave the gas industry every exemption they needed to seek the natural gas fossil fuels with corporate private company ventures.  The natural gas industry is the only industry which can legally pollute your water, air and soil because that is the way they wanted it to be and that is why legislation was passed:  Protect the venture, not the environment in which the citizens must live.  It was all about protecting the money venture, the government chose toxic chemicals whereas citizens would have chosen organics.

What agency has tested your drinking water near natural gas drilling which uses fracturing chemicals?  We are yet waiting for one source to tell us a government agency has tested drinking water for all of the known toxic chemicals used in the drilling fluids!  Will you be the first citizen to show us fracturing chemical water test results  near natural gas drilling?

The water you drink could be laced with toxic chemicals because they are not on the list of contaminants at the SDWA; Clean Water Act.  You may be the lab rat drinking or bathing in toxic chemicals because guess what?  You have no human rights to demand that any government agency should test your water for you.  Tis' sad but true, the gas industry venture is not about you and if it was about you,  there would have been drinking water protection, organic chemicals would have been used to produce.   But we the citizens, had no human rights, our health was not protected and we cannot get our water tested by the government for any toxic drilling chemicals for our  public and private water supplies, near natural gas drilling.

We did not know the natural gas industry used toxic chemicals in drilling fluids for  many years. We trusted our government to protect us and believed they made good healthy environmental choices for us, but the government failed to protect us, now we are polluted.

Citizens recently learned  toxic chemicals could have been in water many years ago which may have killed family and loved ones near natural gas drilling activities. Did your grandma  or someone you love who lived near gas drilling die with cancer, asthma or some other mysterious adrenal gland disease,  not hereditary, a little dose of ongoing poison in the water?

Today we worry about the toxic chemicals which have shown up in our water  near our homes where natural gas drilling used toxic chemicals and wonder each day, what is in our water supply which is odorless, tasteless,  deadly toxic killers shown at:

We videoed the toxic chemicals used at the drilling site. We had prewater tests and post water tests near the gas drilling.  Changes occurred, we found a fracturing chemical in water testing.  We do not have money to test water for all of the toxic poisons in the drilling fluids which could be in our water now or could seep into the water, at a later period in time. We plea, we ask our government to have mercy, please give us water testing for all toxic drilling chemicals, ensure we know every manmade substance in our water.

A small dose of "Poison will eventually  kill you".  Citizens are lab rats drinking and bathing in water which has not been tested for fracturing chemicals, known toxic poisons - biocides - corrosive inhibitors - etc.  

Please renew our trust in  government. please have mercy on us:  "Ban toxic chemicals used in the gas drilling process." 

Do we have the human right to live without threats and fears of unknown poisons in our water?


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