Preserve The Steve Bauer Trail

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This Petition is to raise awareness of proposed development that would impact the undivided section of the Steve Bauer Trail between Port Robinson Road and Merrit Road in Fonthill.

The trail will soon have new developments on both sides, with an extension of Station Street on on the east. Developments will be on the east & west side of this section of the Steve Bauer Trail, and two roadways are planned to go through the trail to join the developments. If we don’t fight to preserve we will lose the the last undivided path. Imagine the traffic destroying our last undisturbed natural walkway in old Fonthill.

Please sign and share this Petition to help preserve this beautiful section of the Steve Bauer Trail.


WHEREAS; The Town of Pelham East Fonthill Draft Urban Design Guidelines (2014) state; The Steve Bauer Trail is to be PRESERVED. The Government of Ontario, Niagara Region and Town of Pelham Planning-Development Polices convey tenets such as; Protection of ecological systems including natural areas, features and functions; promotes development and land use that conserves biodiversity; fosters development that conserves natural resources and maintains or enhances natural systems; promotes green spaces; considers the health and integrity of the broader landscape. The Steve Bauer Trail (SBT) is a 28 metre wide allowance- Town of Pelham nature trail.

I/We, the undersigned, petition the Council of the Town of Pelham as follows:

1.       To permanently protect for the trees, shrubs and vegetation of the SBT between Port Robinson Rd. and Merritt Rd.  

2.       To work with the Kunda Park/Forest Park developer to preserve the SBT in its present form so as to minimally disturb the natural setting.

3.       To remove the planned roadways crossing the SBT and replace them with entrance access (non-motorized) for pedestrian users and new residents of the development.

4.       To move the proposed storm water management drainage ditch running alongside the SBT off Town of Pelham land and locate it on the developer’s property.

5.       To further preserve the Town of Pelham’s trees and natural landscape and the addition of a natural buffer zone between the SBT and the road, by the re-location of the planned Station Street extension by off-setting this new road by an additional 10 metres to the East.

6.       To ensure that any SBT closure necessitated due to construction be kept to an absolute minimum.