Stop the Tim Horton's Drive Thru from coming to Caledon East

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Stop the Tim Horton's Drive Thru from coming to Caledon East!

Under long standing current town bylaw, drive throughs are not permitted in Caledon East. Tim Horton's has submitted an application to the town asking for a special exemption to the bylaw to allow them to put a drive thru on the properties 16054 & 16060 Airport Road (located just north of Old Church Rd. on the West side of Airport Road). 

This establishment would border on residential properties, bring greatly increased traffic, pollution and noise to the area, potentially hurt other local businesses and would cause the drive through to back up onto Airport Road with their proposed layout. 

I do believe that there is a need for a beautification program for the main strip in Caledon East, but the last thing we want is another gasoline alley for travelers on their way north. 

The outcome of this decision by the town is critical to how this strip of Airport Road is developed, and the proposed plan is in contradiction to the Town of Caledon's Official Plan. If the town grants this special amendment it will set precedence for more fast food restaurants with drive throughs, and will ultimately lead to the destruction of the vision the Town had originally set out in its plan. 

We have a chance to stop this potential amendment, but your voice needs to be heard. Please sign this petition and it will be brought forward to Town Council. Even better, send a letter to let the Town of Caledon know that you oppose this amendment.