Save Birch Cliff Village from Irresponsible Development

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An application has been submitted to the City of Toronto by Altree Developments for the construction of a 10 storey(seems more like 12 storey) condo extending from #1615- #1641 Kingston Road and #50 and #52 Birchcliff Ave. in Birch Cliff Village. The proposal encompasses the length between Lakeside Ave. and Birchcliff Ave. and encroaches upon both residential streets. The enormous scale of this development will have many negative consequences to the immediate community.

For a number of reasons, a broad and diverse cross section of community members gathered as part of the Birch Cliff Village Community Association. The Association believes this proposed development amounts to bad planning and irresponsible development. The reasons include:

  • Long standing neighbours in 3 affordable Lenmore rental apartments will be displaced with little option to find replacement dwelling in the midst of a global pandemic and affordable housing crisis.
  • Residents in adjacent side streets (Lakeside Ave. and Birchcliff Ave.) will be encroached upon by the sheer size and magnitude of this project.
  • The scale of the development on side streets across from a public school raises many traffic, pedestrian safety and parking concerns.
  • The local environment and infrastructure will be put under strain to accommodate this huge development which is incompatible with the development goals for this community.

Well over 200 concerned neighbours have gathered via the Birch Cliff Village Community Association to take a stand against this proposed development.

The Birch Cliff Village Community Association has collaboratively developed 5 asks. Our Asks Are:

1. No Displacement of Lenmore Court Tenants: protect our neighbours in the 3 rental buildings at Lenmore court and fight for their right to remain right here at 1615-1641 Kingston Road in Birch Cliff Village in permanent and affordable rental housing. Evictions and displacements on such a scale sets a poor precedent for Kingston Road development proposals.

2. No Encroachment or Rezoning on Residential Side Streets: allowing the
encroachment upon and rezoning of residential homes, in this case 2 houses on Birchcliff Ave. sets another bad precedent and is poor planning for this community.

3. Limit Density, Width, and Height of any Developments: as per the 2009 Kingston Road Revitalization Plan (Birch Cliff), developments are to be suitable and enhance the character of Birch Cliff Village with respect to size and density. It is asked that developments be limited to 4-6 stories in Birch Cliff Village.

4. Ensure safe traffic flow and intersections: any traffic flow from new developments in Birch Cliff must flow safely onto Kingston Road and be designed to prevent dangerous traffic flows on Kingston road, neighbouring side streets, at school intersections, etc. Independent studies are requested to ensure safety on Kingston Road near the school and on neighbouring side streets, and adequate parking for any development proposals must be included.

5.Protect our Bluffs environment and local infrastructure: independent studies are requested at the expense of our planning department to ensure adequate utilities, space in our schools (currently full), and transportation infrastructure. Environmental studies are requested to gauge potential effects on the local water drainage patterns and sensitive bluffs environment. This environment and our infrastructure are already under strain.

It will take a Village to ensure responsible development here in Birch Cliff Village.

Please sign this petition to show support for the many concerns of this proposed development.