Change Toronto's Logo!

Change Toronto's Logo!

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Started by Daniel Rotsztain

In response to the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding Premier Ford’s slashing of council from 47 to 25 wards, and the upcoming update to Toronto’s Official Plan, we think it’s the ideal time for Toronto to reassert its independence in the only way it seems we constitutionally can: a new logo. 

Well... an old logo.

The pre-amalgamation Metro Toronto logo is a ribbon of interwoven lines, loosely overlapping to create six evenly sized and spaced loops. Each loop represents the independent cities that made up the Metropolitan Toronto regional government: Scarborough, Etobicoke, Toronto, North York, East York, and the Borough of York. The logo is gracefully balanced, suggesting that each of its constituent parts rely on each other and are greater together.  

For all the success of Metro Toronto as a model of regional governance that maintained effective local representation, amalgamation was forced onto Metro in 1998 by then Premier Mike Harris. 

Despite covering the same geographic area as Metro, a competition was held for a new logo. All the finalists contained variations on the same theme: New City Hall, stylized into a lopsided “T”, with the word Toronto slapped on the bottom in chunky letters. And that’s what we got, a building replacing a symbol of the people.

New City Hall has no place as Toronto’s logo. 

Now is the time to unite under an inclusive symbol, representative of all corners of the city — from Etobicoke Creek to the Rouge River and both sides of the 401.

Sign and share this petition if you agree that Toronto’s logo should more effectively represent all six corners of the city and its people and reminds City Council of its ultimate aspiration: to be a voice of all Torontonians. 

Reinstating the Metro logo would ground the city in its past, while symbolizing our commitment to create an inclusive Toronto for everybody!

136 have signed. Let’s get to 200!