Provide Ontario Craft beer at the SkyDome

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Provide Ontario Craft beer at the SkyDome

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Phil Cacace started this petition to Toronto Blue Jays and

There are currently ZERO Canadian owned breweries at the SkyDome. 

The Toronto Blue Jays are the only team in Major League Baseball not to feature at least 1 craft beer at their ball park.  "Canada's Team"?!?! Please. This is unacceptable. Supporting local breweries is vital to the success of the industry. The Toronto Blue Jays cant afford to be ignorant to the evolving tastes of their loyal fans. With the amount of great breweries we have in this city (including one across the street) its embarrassing to ignore them in favour of Belgian/Brazillian and Japanese conglomerates 

As a patriotic Canadian, a die hard Toronto Blue Jays fan and a beer drinker with "evolved taste buds" I am sick and tired of Labatt's (Anheuser-Busch InBev) stranglehold on the marketplace in the Dome. Bringing on Sleeman (Sapporo) as your secondary supplier (as mandated by Ontario law) is a short sighted, ignorant, greedy & corporate move that we wont stand for.  The current selection of beer at the Dome is beyond uninspiring. Just a handful of interchangable bland lager derivatives.

Its not just about beer... 

Its about being a good neighbour

Its about representing our city and country

Its about recognizing the ever changing landscape in the beer world 

Its about sound business practices 

Its about sourcing local when you have the opportunity

Failing to renew Steam Whistle's contract in 2014 was a massive step backwards. 


We deserve better beer, especially for the price that we're paying.

The Blue Jays currently have the third highest beer prices in all of baseball. While the price of the beer is not likely to change I would still like to see more variety. How can we be the only team in the Majors without a single craft brewery? With the amount of fans that travel from other cities to watch their teams play at the SkyDome we're missing out on a great opportunity to showcase the great beer this city has to offer. 

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This petition had 2,145 supporters

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