Wisconsin Schools Should Void all 4th Quarter Grades and Pass All Students

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The Wisconsin Public School system has struggled with the recent pandemic of Covid-19. Most students and teacher were not prepared for E-learning at all and it shows. Every person I have talked to has told me, "It's too much work/stress." or "I can't do this anymore." and so on. The schools are forcing teachers to put as much homework as they can, to keep students occupied even though most students have not been putting in as much effort as one may assume. Considering the cancellation of finals, there is no real reasonable reason that students should continue with the extra workload if the educational experiencing is ineffective at home. The workload along with the stress and anxiety placed on students and teachers does not create a healthy environment for learning to take place. Without being in the classroom with the teacher and their friends, many students find it harder to learn or have no motivation to. Since the E-learning seems to have it's flaws, I feel as though the teachers need more time to get a grasp on how to implement in rather than a new assignment everyday and expect us to do it. That's why grades should be exempt 4th quarter, to let the students have less stress and let the teachers learn how to properly use E-learning without causing too much stress.  Students should not be expected to give one hundred percent when a global pandemic is around that is fully out of their and other peoples control.