Get the seven WTOL-11 employees their jobs back!

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Seven long time station employees at WTOL-11 in Toledo,Ohio were wrongfully terminated for....PLAYING A CARD GAME around the first of the year at work called  "cards against humanity".

There was first a suspension, then a firing which makes alot wait. ZERO sense. keep in mind, this is one issue and not a repeat offense.


These fine folks have families, some have spouses, significant others,children too!

It's a complete shame that the parent company raycom media has responded with such a terrible handing down of punishment.


Also, I'm willing to bet that CBS knows nothing about this, and if they did...then WTOL would probably lose their affiliation. what do you think?


I have reached out to higher ups(Jeff Ross, Raycom Media) and they literally will say nothing on the matter except to stonewall you and make you feel bad for being passionate about something. Mr. Ross even accused me of "making up things" when i called him about the firings in question.

the news anchors in question were arguably the most popular personalities on the entire news station and were a hit amongst the local toledo population.


Let us ALL get together and sign this petition, email cbs, raycom media, and all others associated in order for this to become a national issue (if it has to) to win their jobs back, and for the station to take notice and let the local community of toledo know how we feel about this horrible issue at hand.

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