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Review the effectiveness of Stan Penfold with the Utah AIDS Foundation

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SUMMARY: Asking the Utah AIDS Foundation Board of Trustees to adopt yearly full staff and board reviews of current and future Executive Directors as a matter of standard best practices for non-profit organizations of the size and scope of UAF. 

1) The Board of Trustees should amend the bylaws to require the Executive Director receive a full staff and board review annually. New goals and benchmarks for fundraising, client services, and programming growth should be set and made transparent to staff so that they can work together to achieve goals and celebrate the successes of their Executive Director and colleagues. These goals should clearly delineate between Executive Director expectations and full organization goals and measures.

2) The Board of Trustees should amend the bylaws to require board members to undergo an evaluation by the full board every two years where they must show that they are: 1) involved in other community events that raise the visibility of the UAF 2) prove that they have continually educated themselves and thus presented new ideas to the board. If either is found to be unsatisfactory, the board member should be replaced.

3) The Executive Director and Board of Trustees should work together to amend the bylaws of the UAF to limit the term of a director to five years, at the end of which the director may become a member of the board for a minimum of two years, after which they will be eligible to become director for five more years.

4) In adopting these new standards, the current Executive Director should immediately receive a full staff review, like that done of Executive Directors at non-profit organizations similar in size to the Utah AIDS Foundation (Rape Recovery Center, Equality Utah). The review should be done with anonymity to prevent professional retaliation and the creation of a hostile work environment. Staff employed by the Utah AIDS Foundation in the previous two years should be invited to provide feedback for this first review. The Board of Trustees will review all staff feedback and use it to determine the effectiveness of the current Executive Director and set goals moving forward.

5) In adopting these new standards, the current Executive Director should immediately receive a full board review. The Board of Trustees should evaluate current benchmarks for fundraising, programming, and client services. The Board of Trustees should also evaluate conflicts of interest and time spent on City Council work rather than as a representative for the Utah AIDS Foundation. These benchmark goals for the Executive Director should be public and transparent.

6) If a Staff and Board review of the current Executive Director (Stan Penfold) finds that he has not met his responsibility to the community as Executive Director, a probationary plan should be put in place or if necessary the search for an interim Executive Director should begin immediately. The terms of this probation can be determined by the full Board of Trustees, but recommendations include:

a. Reinstatement of regular staff meetings and an established annual calendar of programs

b. All staff check requests or other approval measures should be approved or denied in no more than 3 business days, if the Executive Director is unavailable, any request should be approved or denied by the joint signature of the Programming Director and CFO within 3 business days.

c. A clear vision for programming presented by the Executive Director to the Board of Trustees and full staff, the reinstatement of Sigma Epsilon Chi programming (or similar community based programs), and the continuation of and increase in community programming (58 programs were produced in 2016, with a total reach of 3000 individuals receiving direct education about sexual health, 233 healthcare providers receiving education on PrEP and LGBTQ sexual health, and a social media reach of 92000 individuals since June of 2016.)

d. 10% increase in new Life Fund members or 10% increase in Life Fund donations directly solicited by Stan Penfold(whichever number equates to the larger increase in funding) (this percentage should be evaluated and decreased or increased based upon practical expectations, but should not fall below 5%)

e. Increased visibility in the community as a representative of the Utah AIDS Foundation

f. Clear rules for separating City Council and Utah AIDS Foundation responsibilities. Hours worked for City Council should not be billed to Utah AIDS Foundation if there is no clear reason why the two responsibilities overlap in a specific arena

g.  Staff should be surveyed again at 6 months to determine if significant change has been made in leadership and efficacy. If staff does not report a significant improvement, the board should remove the Executive Director and hire and interim Executive Director while seeking out a permanent replacement.


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