A petition to gain support in expressing our need to for a 24/7 vet emergency in Ajmer

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This petition is being made to gain support and in expressing our desperate need in Ajmer for a 24/7 veterinary emergency, critical care & special services to compliment our local vets- ie. A vet hospital functioning after hours with an emergency team of veterinarians without having to wait for treatments. Also accepting a variety of pets and wildlife through their doors. Like us , animals don’t wait to get sick during bussiness hours.

We would also urgently request an animal ambulance to be connected to this to assist clients who cannot access this and other vets in local area. However we have been provided with online emergency numbers, an animal ngo & a vet ! But no help at all! Nobody would receive the call! A friend lost his 5 month old pet ! Had they received his call the little one had great chances to survive.

This is a very urgent need for all of us here. As pet owners, we want the best quality of life for our little ones who will never be able to talk or say to us if something is wrong with them. There has always been a point in the lives of each of our pets in which they have needed a medical treatment. But what we truly need is emergency helplines, ambulances and vets who would be willing to work after hours. There are times when people have to travel for 30-40 mins with their pets when there are emergencies with a lot of fear, anxiety and a lot of frustration. IF ONLY THERE WAS A VET OPEN TO HELP US IN OUR AREA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

We are in desperate need for a 24 hour veterinary emergency and critical care specialist in Ajmer. Others would agree too.

Please please come in support if you’re one of them.

A sincere Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards,

Mahzbin DeVitre  

Vishab Mehta ( Resident of Ajmer)