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   Life isn’t fair, so they say.  True enough.  When you work, and pay taxes, and you still can’t make ends meet, then life certainly isn’t fair.  But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be.  And so, along with some others I confide in, I’ve developed the outline for what I believe could not only make life fair, but restore America to the Free, Democratic Republic under the constitution that it is supposed to be.   
    It asks for no donations, or any other nonsense.  It asks only for your voice, and your signature.   

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
We, the people of the United States of America, want a return to the basic idealistic principles upon which this country was founded. We, the people, feel that we have lost our representative voice in our government, and we want change. We want a government that represents all of the people all of the time.

Before we really get into the basic bullet points, I think it would be best to remind those reading this, that We the People are the ones who are ultimately supposed to call the shots in this nation. Think about it:
What is a government? What is it supposed to be, in a nation for The People and by The People? Should that government not be an institution that exists to guide the nation towards its long and short term goals; goals that are determined by the populace? Should that institution not be the rock; the steady, firm center of authority; that never wavers, bends, or breaks? Should that institution not be there to serve The People, so that they can live out their lives knowing and trusting in that stable, unflappable center of authority? Especially, since our taxes pay the salaries of each and every person that runs this country?
So, when you are paying someone to provide a service for you, do you not have the authority to tell that person exactly what you want, and expect that they implement it? If you pay someone’s salary, is that person not your employee? Does this not make We the People, for all intents and purposes, the CEOs of this corporation we call America?
And therein lays one of the main problems: America is a business, and one that is failing. But that can be changed.
The problems we are currently facing as a nation are many; none of them small enough to overlook. Judging by the lack of competent action on the part of our leaders, I think it’s safe to say that our employees in the government need us to fix this for them. So, as a small handful of the many millions of CEOs of America; a group of us felt compelled and obligated to form a workable set of solutions for this country. Please read them through entirely, as some may seem taboo at first, based on what we’ve been programmed to think. But once you hear them out completely, I think you’ll agree.

1. The government itself needs to be partially re-structured, in order to prevent more corruption from undoing all the other good this plan would do. As follows:
A) The Electoral College could be automated. If the Electorates are truly representing the best interests of their respective states; and their votes are meant to be in accordance with the states’ mandates, then could not mathematics and automation simply be implemented? Is there really a reason to pay someone for this? Unless of course, there is some reason why it would be good for the Electorates to vote against the wishes of those they represent?
B) Candidates for Election will not be able to fund their own campaigns, nor accept any third party funds from lobbyists, corporations, or any other outside sponsors. Each candidate will instead be given a set amount of money with which to campaign for office, and every candidate on the ballot will get that same amount, no matter what party they represent.
C) There should be a single television network that will be dedicated solely to the coverage of Elections. Each candidate is given an equal amount of time to make them known and heard. This means that the Ralph Nader’s and Ron Paul’s of the world will get the same amount of media exposure and press time that the Obamas and McCains of the world do. These are highly important duties they would be taking on, after all, and we as a nation cannot afford to elect just the wealthiest. We need to elect the best person for the job; the person who truly has our best interests at heart. Remember, once more, we’re the CEOs. We wouldn’t hire incompetents, right? We wouldn’t hire those who lie on their applications (campaign promises), would we? I think not.
D) While in office, officials would be ineligible for personal capitalist ventures. This is justified by the fact that they will already be earning 6 figure incomes, and the fact that they hold positions of such authority makes it crucial to the security of our nation that they cannot be so easily bribed. Periodic unannounced checks would be administered, and any found guilty of this would be subject to prison time, fines, and of course, the loss of their position.
E) All bills, and legislation of any kind that has been passed, and that infringes on the Constitutional Rights of any U.S. Citizen, shall be stricken and abolished. This includes but may not be limited to: The Patriot Act, and Indiana’s decision to basically ignore the 4th Amendment.
2. Our basic needs would be the responsibility of the government to provide, using our tax dollars.
This is because, once again, we are the CEOs, they are the employees, and the role of the government is to be the firm ground on which we stand. This is achieved by using the budget gained from our taxes to provide us universally with those things that are essential parts of civilized life.
Sounds Socialist, so far, doesn’t it? That’s because in order for a society to truly be democratic, and free; as America was meant to be; that means the government itself must be somewhat socialized. Yes, I know; Socialism is a bad word. But it wouldn’t apply to civilians. We would still be free; more so than ever before, actually. Because our tax dollars provide us with all emergency services as well as most basic needs. The Police, Fire Dept., and the Military are already socialized.
Those are necessary elements for a secure, and civilized society. When someone joins one of those institutions, they know that they are going to have to give up some few liberties, and take on some very important responsibilities. The same should be true for the government positions. Senators, Representatives, all the way up to the President. It’s not a party. It’s not play time. It’s not an opportunity for personal advancement. It’s a responsibility.
There are other things, though, that should be as essential as police, and should be socialized the same way.
A) Health Care. France is number one in the world in this. Guess what? Socialized. Does it mean higher taxes? Maybe. But the rest of the bullet points further on will work to drop the general cost of living dramatically, and more than make up for it. So, please, keep reading. But, more immediately, think about the amount of money you already pay for medical insurance. Not even including Dental. And on top of that, you have to meet some ridiculously high deductible, too. So, imagine likely paying less money in taxes and getting medical and dental service with no deductible or any other nonsense to worry about. Sounds a whole lot better, don’t you think? That’s just simple math.
B) Electricity. Sounds like a luxury, perhaps. But, in today’s world, it is quite essential, for the most part. The fact is, there are lots of alternatives to our current extortionist electric companies. If our taxes were to fund the building of solar, electro-magnetic, wind or hydro power stations, we could in effect be looking at a nation without electric bills. Forever. Imagine one less major bill to pay. And no one is going to come to your house and shut you down, in say, the dead of winter, when your children could get sick. Many might complain that the loss of all existing power companies would put a lot of people out of work. I ask you this: have you ever had your power shut off? If you did, I doubt you’d shed too many tears at those companies going belly-up. And with new technology comes new industries, as well. That means new jobs.

3. The auto-industry overhaul.
There have been many methods and alternative fuels developed over the years, and we never really hear about them. Why? Because they would eliminate Big Oil. Big Oil doesn’t like that much, so Big Oil works to have these inventions suppressed, or deemed unsafe. Some developments trickle out, slowly, sure, but the truth is, gasoline powered vehicles should have disappeared decades ago. As the CEOs of this nation, it’s up to us to go through our employees’ lockers, and see what they’ve been hiding. In other words, once we’ve re-structured the government, and balanced the power back out again, then we can remove the bottle-necks that stunt our growth as a society and as the human race as a whole.

4. Education Reform.
Once we have presumably fixed our nation with all the above, it would be wise to make sure that future generations are as knowledgeable as possible about as many things as possible. While all the fundamental subjects should remain, other subjects should be made mandatory. Recommendations:
A) Human relations is the basic concept of understanding and being able to handle social and professional relationships in a more productive manner. This includes the concepts of empathy, forgiveness, patience, and tolerance. This could be a required course unto itself, not just a single chapter in Health class. This class would include an anti-bullying agenda.
B) Agriculture. Students would be taught all about providing for themselves, from scratch. This would include vegetation at the very least, and possibly meat, as well as a necessary set of skills that really no human should be without.
C) No calculators in general math class, at least unless it can be ascertained that the students can do the problems by long had, as well. It is the basics, and it is the foundation upon which calculators are designed to function. Technology is wonderful, true, but, it should be used only after it is fully understood. If we use calculators for everything, eventually, we will lose the ability to do advanced math on our own. This would stunt the growth of the human race quite a bit.
D) More schools would be built to reduce the overcrowding of schools. That is not a productive environment for students to learn in, as they will not get the individual assistance they may need. Overcrowding also lends itself to the growing problem of violence among students.
E) Public schools will be forthcoming and fully vocal about their programs to help special needs students. The secrecy around these programs will not be tolerated.
Really, knowledge is power. What we have now is a nation that becomes less and less powerful with each generation. So, while technology makes life easier for us, we should be diligent in making sure that the basic knowledge that makes that technology work is never lost.

5. Re-Localization of our food sources.
While many may not realize it, much of America’s food comes from one region of the U.S. This means that it has to travel great distances, and pass through many hands before it gets to your dinner table. This not only significantly raises its price, but it makes it necessary to put harmful preservatives in it.
So, by initially helping set up more local farmers markets; and busting up the monopoly we have out in the southwest; we would be paying less money for better food. It would travel less distance, so that costs less in fuel, and in paying drivers and other material handlers. The less people handling a product, the less it costs. Also,” no preservatives” mean fresher, healthier food.

6. Regulation and Fining of Outsourced Manufacturing
A) The American companies that have outsourced their manufacturing overseas will be forced to raise the pay rate of each and every foreign employee to at least that of the current U.S. minimum wage. If someone works for us, they get paid like us. We’ll not have sweat shops and other inhumanities scarring our worth in the world.
B) Also, these companies will have to pay very steep fees to bring their product back to this soil to sell. This way, it encourages multi-national corporations to move their factories back home, creating jobs for their fellow Americans. While capitalism is part of our society, some moral lines must be drawn if we are to avoid the sort of corruption we presently have; in the future.
C) Legally Mandatory certifications, such as ISO, and others of that sort, will be disbanded, seeing as how their practices not only cause our businesses to move overseas, but they also do very little to improve anything, while charging extortionist level fees. These types of agencies should never have been allowed the kind of power they have. They can, of course, in this free market, choose to offer their certifications, and charge what they wish for them, however, other than the normal, humane, basic health regulations, there will be no legally mandatory certifications in place.

7. The Monetary System
A) The amount of capital in circulation at any point in time will be fixed, according to the best interests of the economy. In other words, there will be no creating of capitol by the banks, therefore, there will be no un-payable debt incurred between our government and the Federal Reserve. Banks will still, of course, be able to charge reasonable interest rates on loans, and that is how they will make their money. Not by conjuring digits out of thin air.
B) Our money does not actually seem to need to be backed by anything other than math. It’s basically a merit point system as it is, so, there seems no discernible reason to base it on the amount of shiny rocks in one’s possession.
C) The Federal Reserve will be abolished. Why in the world would we keep an institution whose existence came about by ill-gotten means, and whose practice it is to hand out debts that are mathematically and physically impossible to repay? Any debt this nation owes the Federal Reserve is nullified, because it’s existence is built on extortion and entrapment. It’s as simple as that. No more parasites.

So what sort of society would this be, if the above is implemented? We would be living in a society where our leaders truly are the pillars of our civilization, upon whose shoulders rests a great and prestigious responsibility, and whose paychecks are fully justified; society in which a person’s hard work actually rewards them; a society where the rich can stay rich, and the poor and middle class have every means of climbing that same ladder; a society where a family might actually get by on one decent income; a society where owning your own home, and a decent vehicle is far more achievable; a society where our children will be raised to be as intelligent and compassionate as they can be, without stifling their desire or capacity for success; a society that practices the liberty it preaches, and lives up to its hype as the greatest country on Earth; a society where the average person’s chief worries will be whether they’d like pizza or salad for dinner; and a society that almost seems to function on its own, just like nature, just like the universe itself.
This is the sort of society that America could be. We would be the best country on Earth in truth. We would set a new precedent, an example that people all over the world would see, and then possibly demand the same of their respective governments. People always say that life isn’t fair. This outline could well be the foundation upon which a fair society is built.
But all of this is only possible if the majority of the nation’s population voices these demands. We are the CEOs of this nation, and as such, it is our responsibility to tell our employees what is expected of them. We have to make this happen. So, once more, we ask for your voice and your signature. Please bring this to everyone’s attention, to put this possibility in everyone’s view, so that it can be made a reality. We have the responsibility to let the government know, in no uncertain terms, what their role is to be, and what We, the People, want. Otherwise, our Democracy will always be a lie, and the rest of the world will continue to roll their eyes at our ignorance and our arrogance.

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