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To reaffirm support for the Shorebird Recovery Program

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This is a formal request to relevant state and local government. It petitions them to reaffirm, maintain and where possible enhance support for the Shorebird Recovery Program and the legal, scientific and policy framework that underpins it. Unlike many petitions this is NOT intended to stop something. Rather, it is calculated to redouble support for a vital government program (NP&WS) that gives effect to the New South Wales Government's Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

Signing this petition is both an act of solidarity for front-line volunteers and workers, and the tested methods utilised in the Shorebird Recovery Program. It is also a way to communicate to politicians and policy-makers the importance of maintaining biodiversity wherever it is threatened.

Protection of threatened shorebird nesting on our coast depends on the good work of National Parks, Local Councils and very importantly local communities all working together. This is a remarkable strength of the South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program.

Data collection by trained volunteers and NP staff, and research in conjunction with Birdlife Australia, support the value of the on-ground measures currently employed. They produce negligible restrictions and require a very small behaviour change by beach-goers in order to assist in protecting threatened shorebirds. Temporary fencing and signage for example, play a crucial role in protecting threatened beach- nesting birds.

This is a frontline community endeavour. Trained local community volunteers work, in many cases daily throughout the nesting season, to monitor nesting shorebirds and their chicks and erect and maintain temporary fencing to protect nests. As appropriate they may also speak with beach-goers to raise awareness and create a better understanding of the reasons for any minor restrictions that might be caused e.g. by temporary fencing and dog control policies.

Volunteers who are regularly speaking with people on our beaches will readily appreciate the potential for carefully managed eco-tourism that would introduce beach-goers and holiday makers to these wonderful shorebirds whose survival on our beaches is seriously threatened.
In this context temporary fencing and signage can provide a focal point for education at the same time as it protects shorebird nesting, and safeguards beach-goers from accidentally damaging the well camouflaged nests. It can enhance the appeal of and the interest in, local regions.

Sign this petition to indicate your support for the Shorebird Recovery Program, its volunteers and the measures it employs to protect threatened species.

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