To PMModi&ChiefJustice - Pleading Justice For Nachathal!WidowedMother BurntAlive TNVillage

To PMModi&ChiefJustice - Pleading Justice For Nachathal!WidowedMother BurntAlive TNVillage

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Uma Kathirvel started this petition to Hon'ble Prime Minister and

#JusticeForNachathal #WidowedMotherBurntAlive #TNVillage #AaygoundanpalayamMurder     

Today, I (Uma.K, a widowed mother of two daughters & daughter of victim Nachathal) Plead in front of all the Respected leaders of India & Chief Justice of India to hear my grievance about my mother Nachathal's Murder Case who was Burnt Alive in Daylight in Aaygoundanpalayam village on Feb-17th 2021 in Tamil Nadu & request you to give us Justice for this Cruel Killing of a defenseless widowed mother by male chauvinists of my village.

    I'm Uma.K (Aged - 54, Petitioner for Nachathal murder case & Daughter of Nachathal) doing farming in my village in Tirupur district on my own & we don't have any immediate family members (or) relatives to support us. Having said the facts, some people in relatives circle from my village who had enmity & vengeance with my family for a long time have taken advantage of my vulnerable situation & started creating problems for my family since the demise of my husband in 2014.

   Within 1 year after demise of my husband, I faced  Physical Assault (Complaint registered) in 2015 where I suffered several body injuries along with leg fracture & I was threatened by some unknown person that the village is not a safe place for me to live in & to sell my properties & runaway.

         In sequence of events which gave me continuous threatening situation in my village, On Feb17th 2021, My widowed mother Nachathal was burnt alive in Daylight by my husband side relatives along with some villagers with a suspected motive to kill me & my daughters next to loot our property in illegal way as my daughters are still unmarried.

       On Feb-14th 2021, My mother Nachathal was admitted in nearby town hospital under the incharge of my daughter Ms.Sathya (who was staying in Chennai) with help of neighbour lady of Nachathal. My daughter Sathya was continuously checking health status of my mother Nachathal through phone call with neighbour lady for next two days and told that she'll come down to village in 4 days. My daughter was told by doctor that there's no serious health issues & the neighbor lady told my daughter that my mother's health is recovering well & she's doing good. On third day, the neighbour lady's mobile number was in deactivated state when my daughter Sathya called a couple of times till evening & the neighbour lady's husband dismissed the call of my daughter Sathya for a couple of times & only on getting repeated calls from my daughter, the neighbour lady attended the call & informed death of my mother under highly suspicious circumstances. I would also like to highlight that my mother went through physical violence before her death by some of the suspected accused which we got to know after her death and collected evidences for the same.

        The most shocking fact is that though I was born, brought up & got settled in the same village for almost 54 years till today, Not even a single person from the village have informed me about the death of my own mother Nachathal until I first informed the Police at around 5:30 pm on hearing the news from my daughter Sathya whereas the death news reached out to my brother who was staying in coimbatore at 3pm itself but no one have either informed the police or me & my daughter until we got to know ourselves. The reason to highlight this point is that the male chauvinists of my village who are in vengeance with my family , have taken control of the whole village & made sure everyone adheres to their conditions. There were a series of suspicious power cuts happened only in my house at times during my absence, continuous coconut thefts happened in my farms during past 2 years before my mother's murder & even the postal letters from government was not handed over to me on time until we complained it to higher level.

       Though myself & my daughters are fighting our level best to get justice for my mother's murder, the investigation is completely going in a biased way since Day 1 by filing Wrong FIR & we strongly suspect all crucial evidences are getting tampered. On top of all these issues, we went through Mental Harassment by the Investigating officers for raising voice against the injustice being done in the investigation & we have filed complaint for the same in National human rights commission & DVAC team ( Direct vigilance & Anti Corruption team) on suspect of bribe taken by some officers in Nachathal murder case investigation. The situation is going out of control as even our phone calls were being tracked on daily basis & all our activities are being monitored by the accused group.

       I just want to make one strong point that the case is already under TN CBCID Investigation & even though it was already declared as clear cut Murder on August 4th 2021 by the assigned CBCID SP for our case, the correct FIR is not yet filed & I'm promising to the Chief Justice of India that with the so many crucial facts & information which was shared in all our previous petitions for this case along with true facts & evidences of case reports, any honest investigating officer would be easily able to arrest the accused within a couple of days, but all I could see is that Justice for Nachathal is dying a slow death day by day as all available evidences are getting tampered with & that Murderers group of more than 10 people are roaming freely & happily on the streets of my village.

         To bring out the 100% truth behind the Murder and to punish all involved accused in Nachathal Murder Case, We request Our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi Sir, Our Hon'ble Minister of Home affairs Shri.Amit Shah Sir & Our Hon'ble Chief Justice of India Shri.N.V.Ramana Sir to take immediate action & transfer the case for "CBI Investigation & Fast Track Court" before the evidences get tampered including CDR File (Call Data Record) of all suspected accused which will give crucial details of the plot behind the Murder of Nachathal & the level of involvement & the part played by each of the accused in executing the Murder.   

         We have been let down & completely failed by the investigation team in getting justice for my widowed mother Nachathal 's Murder & even in Madras high court we were not allowed time to speak for even 5 minutes for two of my petitions with strong complaints during first hearing itself & all our crucial complaints about phone call tracking & Forensic report tampering have been completely ignored in Madras high court even after we mentioned strongly that we have evidence for the same. I just have one question to Madras high court for ignoring our complaints on phone call tracking. Will such a complaint from a women chief minister will be ignored in the same way ? Then why we have been treated in such a way in Madras high court? When we said all possible help to us in getting justice was stopped because of phone call tracking, we were told by the Hon'ble judge that ""So what" if calls were tracked, anyways you are arguing better than lawyer" in a casual way. We were stunned to hear such a statement from the Hon'ble Judge whom we trusted as our last hope to get justice. Will such a statement be made to any influential person in the country if they come up with the same complaint?

Isn't it "Law & Justice" Equal for everyone for a Person below poverty line till the President of India? 

       As a single parent of two unmarried daughters, I Don't Feel Safe Anymore to Live in Tamil Nadu as even such a cold blooded murder of a widowed mother done in daylight is completely covered up till this minute & all our grievance was completely ignored by all departments till leadership level. 

      I'm sharing this petition with the Public to come forward and support us in getting justice for the innocent soul Nachathal who wanted to live her life for a long time but was cruelly burnt alive by the villagers with the only mindset that "There's No One to Stand for a Defenseless Widowed Women like Me & My Mother thinking that We are Weak & Vulnerable for them!"

          We finally place our strong request to Indian government & Chief Justice of India to give Right Justice for Widowed Mother Nachathal's Murder  ASAP which should "Stand as an Example" to stop any such crimes in future & to ensure that "in Any village in India, A widowed mother can live safely & peacefully even without a father, brother (or) a Male child (or) any other Male protection in her family & that she should be 100% protected under Indian government Law & Justice with stringent actions in place against any kind of crimes against them.



660 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!