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To grant licenses for meltdown proof Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors to reduce the impact of climate change, reduce nuclear waste and produce leukemia fighting isotopes

The reason this petition is important is because today we are excessively burning fossil fuels and this is leading to climate change. Fossil fuels are also responsible for major conflicts in the Middle East.

By turning away from fossil fuels and embracing thorium, we will be paving a future where the USA can not only become energy independent, but a carbon neutral nation. We have enough thorium in the United States to safely produce nuclear energy for thousands of years. LFTR plants have many, many benefits.

The first benefit is that LFTR reactors are 100 percent meltdown proof
The second benefit on LFTR is that LFTR reactors can burn our current nuclear waste stockpiles, therefore eliminating the need for massive storage facilities for
nuclear waste, such as Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

A third benefit of LFTR reactors is that these reactors can produce 99 percent less waste than today's reactors.

A fourth benefit on LFTR is that the leftover waste products can be used to cure cancer and power spacecraft for deep space exploration.

A fifth benefit of building an LFTR reactor is that the energy production would be cheaper than natural gas and coal,which will lead to lower energy bills and a cleaner Enviornment by getting rid of the dangers from Fracking for natural gas and respiratory diseases from coal soot emissions.

A sixth benefit of constructing an LFTR is that the reactors can turn the atmospheric gases into fuels for cars, therefore producing zero emission fuels, like hydrogen for fuel cells transport.

A seventh benefit of LFTR reactors is that by building and switching to a completely new, and environmentally friendly form of nuclear energy, lots of jobs will be created from the mining and processing of Thorium, the construction of the LFTR, more jobs from the production of cancer medicines, nuclear fuel for space probes batteries, e.t.c. We can once again become a manufacturing superpower, but friendlier to Earth.   

The Eigth benefit the LFTR is that one of the by-products of Uranium-233 which will be made from Thorium-232 is an alpha particle, Bismuth-213. Unlike an beta particles which emits beta rays kills both healthy and unhealthy cancer cells. Bismuth-213 onthe other hand, will be attached to an anti-body which will find a cancer cell in the bloodstream, the antibody along with the  bismuth-213 particle will then attach itself to the cell and then the particle would decay and hit the cancer cell with an alpha particle, killing the cancer cell. Since this isotope only decays once, so it won't kill any other cells, this could allow for a patient to be treated and cured of cancer, but not suffer any side-effects.     

With thorium being one of the most common elements, on par with lead, we can avoid an energy crisis, ensure world peace and save the climate all in one move.

Thorium reactors also do not need to be pressurized, since the reactor operates at such high temperatures that the fuel melts, so the reactors will be cheaper to build than most fossil fuel plants and other outdated nuclear reactors. Also, the salts in the reactor will expand if the reaction gets to fast, and that will slow down the reaction and cool the reactor, all without human intervention, it's a self-sustained reactor that doesn't even have to be manned

Letter to
Representative Eliot Engel
Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz
Please support the construnction of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, because we are killing our planet by means of ocean aicidification and climate change by dumping more and more record amounts CO2 into the atmosphere every year. Even though global temperatures have recently stabilized due to lower than average solar acivity, the constant dumping of Carbon Dioxide into our oceans are cusing the CO2 to be turned into carbonic acid, which is turn making our oceans more and more acidic. A more acidic ocean will mean a major die off of shellfish, coral reefs and other marine life that will starve to death by not having any shellfish to eat. This will affect the whole ecosystem of the planet. Also, by the killing off of shellfish that take carbon out of the atmosphere, the oceans will absorb less CO2 leading to higher concentrations in the atmosphere. Not only that, Coal burning power plants are poisoning the oceans and even fresh water lakes with mercury, leading to people around the world to get sick from higher then normal levels of mercury in the blood. Also people are suffering from respiratory diseases from the soot emissions from coal fired power plants.

Natural gas may provide a lower emission source of fuel, but it is still very dangerous and still produces climate changing and ocean acidifying CO2. Also, the process of extracting the shale gas is causing the drinking water to get contaminated with chemicals from fracking, causing people to get sick.

On the other hand, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors can provide the United States and even the world with safe, meltdown proof, waste eliminating, proliferation proof nuclear energy with efficiency rates 100 times over uranium fueled reactors and rates millions over fossil fuels. We have enough Thorium in the United States to power the world for up to a 1,000 years and enough to power our Country for several thousand years. LFTR reactors do not need to be pressurized and cooled like today's reactors, so the constructiuon will be much, much cheaper than coal plants and Uranium fueled reactors. Also, LFTR reactors will produce electricity that is cheaper than coal, or shale gas, therefore eliminating the need for fossil fuels in the near future, approximately 20-30 years down the road.

Please allow this planet saving technology to come to the Market, please bring this to the President's desk and have him look at this new form of energy.

Thank you so much,


Arthur Yagudayev

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