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To ensure the safety of our children and families

This is so important because too many families in Maine and all over the US are being broken up. The parent's are not given credit for the strives they do make once CPS is involved. A safety or reunification plan is created for immediate and potential risks to the said minor child. Although it seems as though once you've completed X, Y, & Z, it's not over, they make you do more things that aren't an immediate or legitimate risk to the child's welfare (i.e. not having a registered motor vehicle). When parents are sent to counseling, psychiatrists, parenting classes, etc. by CPS, the service provider may tell you that you're doing great with your treatment plan, safety plan, psych eval, etc..BUT what they report to your caseworkers, and the family courts are that you didn't do so well, or you struggled with issues they said you had made better. It's a huge and sad problem that our kids in America are being stolen from good families. So I feel that OCFS Cumberland County (CPS) needs to be investigated by the proper authorities. Also, after whatever evidence of false reports/accusations, money not accounted for, and/or whatever else they find, the people/agency responsible gets the maximum sentece for the crime(s) committed AND the families that have been wronged, be reunited immediately! Termination of Parental Rights is said to be the equivalent to the death penalty. (American Family Rights association)

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    Child Protective Services (CPS) Cumberland County, Maine
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