Every play park to be accessible for all children.

Every play park to be accessible for all children.

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George ,
Darling .. this is your world , the sky is your limit and you better believe you can do anything. You make me so proud with your braveness and your determination. In everyday life we forget that you are profoundly deaf and have only limited vision in one eye because you live everyday at ease. Of course you struggle physically but again you never give up.

If you are not around people with disabilities you don’t see what we see, you don’t see the few steps you need to go up to get into a restaurant as being an issue, you don’t notice that the green man on the road doesn’t give enough time for an individual with mobility issues to get across. But you know one thing that really does get to me and upset me the most is that my little boy is going to grow up in his own town and see that there isn’t one playground that has a wheelchair accessible piece of equipment on it? He is going to ask me why other towns have this and his doesn’t ? Mummy why can’t I play with my friends on the swing or roundabout ? And to me , in 2020 when playgrounds in Bassetlaw are being refurbished and new ones are being built it is just un acceptable. Now I have noticed on many of our local parks it says lottery funded? Why diddnt children with disabilities get thought of when you received this money. Granted the last mp I spoke with was telling me how are area plan to introduce changing places , that’s great but am I just taking my kid to the park for the toilet or ...?

Now we have a new mp and I am hoping that he may take this issue more seriously although I did email on the 27/2/20 regarding this and received no reply. I must add that @brendanclarkesmith was a big help to us in a previous situation so I hope he will fight with us and not against us on this one.

Our kids matter to, and I would be so proud of Bassetlaw if they lead by example and made our playparks accessible for all!

Can everyone who supports this please tag @brendanclarkesmith on the comments on what it means to us or send him a polite dm!

I want my baby to grow up knowing he is equal to everybody else. #disabilityadvocate #equality #inclusion #bassetlaw #changeisgood
 This is for my sister Hanna and beautiful nephew George who was born at just 23 weeks and survived by the odd. He has cerebral palsy due to operation. He will be two next month. He’s had to fight so much to be here and now it’s a fight to adapt parks so he can enjoy playing with his family and friends. Every child matters.