To all governments of the Earth: Support the building of an embassy for extraterrestrial Humans The Elohim

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It can help humanity immensely by solving the current planetary crisis and preventing the extinction of all life on Earth.

Humanity has made many mistakes in the management of Earth's resources and has used some wonderful technologies to destructive ends.  Unfortunately, humanity now has very little chance of surviving without the help of a peaceful and scientifically highly advanced extraterrestrial civilisation known as the Elohim. The Elohim are respectfully offering to help us if they are invited officially to a peaceful Earth.

The Elohim have communicated their wish to come and visit us after we build an official embassy for them, a place that would be theirs alone. This embassy must have neutral air space above it and enjoy extraterritoriality, like any other embassy on our planet.

We believe that if 1 million people sign this petition, it will help Earth's governments understand our wish to build a better world. Those governments, as well as millions of people worldwide, know that peaceful extraterrestrial civilisations exist. Their representatives are appearing here more and more often, and always in a peaceful way.

Whatever peace-loving philosophy, religion or political view you may have, please help us to welcome the Elohim on Earth by signing this petition!

Sign this petition and share it if you support the building of the Embassy for the Extraterrestrial Humans The Elohim, who are 1000s years more advanced than us scientifically and have offered to help us resolve the extremely dangerous planetary challenges threatening the extinction of life on Earth?

                           - Petition launched on 31st August 13 -