Petition to Dragon City to oppose the addition of 6th Empowerment level.

Petition to Dragon City to oppose the addition of 6th Empowerment level.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Beverley Levien

Title: Petition to the game Dragon City (Social Point) to oppose the announced addition of a 6th Empowerment star and higher dragon levels.


Dear Creators, 


We, the undersigned, are collectively petitioning against the addition of a 6th empowerment star and 10 more dragon levels in this game.


Obtaining a fully maxed out dragon is one of the very key goals in this game. Creating a players “golden” profile is a huge accomplishment. This is already a very difficult task for most players as the system is now, and adding another level of empowerment would make this an almost impossible task for many The resources required to highly empower and feed our dragons are already scarcely provided ig and difficult to obtain. Adding even more levels would leave most people looking at years of work or sums of money simply to try and, again, max out the dragons we thought we had already finished. This is unfair and unacceptable to us. Many players, both f2p and p2w, have declared that they will quit the game if this new update is carried out.


Many players have also paid large sums of money to achieve the status and dragons they currently hold and are furious that you seemingly expect they will simply go back to the dragons they had long finished with, and pay these amounts all over again. This entire idea seems nothing but a money grab, and even those that had happily paid these large amounts to your game before, are not having this. Many players will cease to further invest in Dragon city if this empower and level change is made.


We ask that you highly reconsider the decision of adding an additional empowerment star and levels to our dragons.



Catherine Drogon, Beverly Levien, Erin Groves, Liam Burland.

461 have signed. Let’s get to 500!