Local Fire Sirens - should be heard!!

Local Fire Sirens - should be heard!!

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Kevin Cowper (Fenz)

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Started by Kim R

Recently the Fire Brigade sirens in Ngongotaha and Papamoa have been silenced (either fully or at night) and complaints have been received about Te Pukes siren.

These sirens are incredibly important for our local Firefighters, technology alone shouldn't be relied on. For example how many received the governments Covid-19 message hours after others? Or have any messages about Tsunami warnings woken you? How many of you have slept through your phone ringing?

The sirens are also a great warning to locals to be alert and watch out for outgoing Firetruck(s) and serves as a reminder of the small community we live in and that we need to look out for one another, to drive a little slower, to check our fire alarms etc.

This petition is to urge our local council to seriously re-think the silencing of the sirens.

Sign this petition to show our community support our local brigades and our sirens.

8,291 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!