Revise the United States Public School System

Revise the United States Public School System

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What we can change/basic rules

-Schools should not start before sunrise 

-Class times should be reduced 

-Schools should end earlier

-Time should be utilized on learning in classes to more useful information that will stick with you 

-Personalized classes should be added based on what career path a student wants to take in the future

-Art, music, and other non primary subjects should not be mandatory and instead a personalized class

-Students should be prepared for the future outside of school as well

-Test and quizzes should be limited to a certain amount

-Homework should not be assigned at all unless it is unfinished class work at the response of a student


About the current United States school system

About 200 years ago, school was created for what reason? To keep it short and simple, it was and is in order to teach factory workers. Wake up early, sit in nice neat rows, the bell dismisses you, you get a few minutes to eat terrible food, and you are sent home on buses. 

But why? What is the purpose of the current school system? Why does it keep people away from learning instead of the exact opposite? Why do millions not want to wake up and instead sleep? These are the questions millions of students ask themselves everyday. Think about the fact that that more people would rather sleep than learn in the corrupt educational system. 

Students have different goals than just being factory workers. In fact, when is the last time you’ve heard of someone who is a factory worker? The answer is, most likely, never. 

All this is besides the point that schools make you sit there for hours and hours on end practically making you learn things the majority will simply forget. Oh, and that doesn’t even include homework. 

The majority can agree that education after middle school is utterly useless and a waste of everything from money to time. Why not just drop out of high school? Well that’s due to the fact that a students dreams can’t be accomplished without graduating college. Or at least, that’s what they are currently brainwashed to believe. Spending 15+ years learning the same repetitive things driving students insane just to simply get a job. That’s about 1/5 of an average humans life. 

With online school, it doesn’t get any better, but rather worse. Students wake up to tons of missing assignments, stare at a screen alone for hours giving you a headache and making you on the verdge of “dying from boredom”.

Together, we can change the awful school system made for factory workers into something actually made for leaning and education rather than just about getting good grades to please parents and companies in order to get a job. Together we can make shorter school hours, no homework, only important things in a way that is actually fun and not fake fun, and change everything from sitting on desks in rows to which subjects you learn. After all, why is art, history and countless other subjects in existence. In today’s society, we learn more about any subject online, then actually in school and any student can agree on that. Just take into account how much watching educational YouTube videos, reading books and articles, or even simply scrolling through your google news feed can teach anyone of any age. Nowadays, with social media, people teach each other factual information that is not learned in school. Now, here’s a few questions for the school system. Why do you prepare us for our future, but don’t teach us how to pay taxes or bills, write checks, or get a job? Why do you “prepare us for our future”, but teach the same thing to every single student with different goals? Why do you “prepare us for our future” just for the sake of it and not even knowing why we need to know the useless information we learn for years, forget, then google and remember our whole life. Even YouTube videos teach better than teachers (who not to mention, barely get paid). Do you really expect them to want to teach us when they can’t even make a living form it. 

The United States needs to look around instead of staying quite. Look at other countries. They have quite good school systems in which students are actually excited to go to school since they don’t have homework, get to wake up later, and have fun. 

Times have changed, the system hasn’t.

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