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GO GREEN! South Carolina/Georgia - Ganja ,health & peace!

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I'm trying to make this petition to make it aware that  it isn't what the media makes it out to be there is actually people with health issues that would rather use this as an alternative than using pills or many different cases. Helps people with extreme anxiety will lower gang violence and crimes .

It will make everyone  a little more relaxed. It is not just smoked it is used in oil that is used in lotions creams face scrub food  anything  you can imagine  but the thing is why is it illegal if it is so useful and helpful in many ways. I believe that it should be  controlled substance  18 and older  on private property  or and some hookah lounges . It should be allowed to be discounted  to the patients depending on  how critical their condition May be . If anyone is selling it they must have a permit  or some sort of business license and pay taxes each year  like a regular store .

 state and local governments struggle with rising costs and decreased revenue, many are looking for creative ways to increase income to pay for everything from road repairs to new parks. Some believe that marijuana legalization could be a windfall in the form of new taxes applied to its distribution and sale. In Colorado, for example, analysts suggest that taxing the drug could raise between $5 and $22 million annually .

More effective law enforcement and criminal justice:
Many advocates for legalization note that by decriminalizing the substance, police officers will have more time and money to pursue criminals for other crimes, including those involving violence. They also argue it would create wiggle room in the criminal justice system, allowing prosecutors and judges to focus on violent crimes while freeing space in crowded prisons. One study estimates that nationwide marijuana legalization would save governments $8.7 billion each year .

Less money supporting organized crime:
Legalizing recreational weed cuts off an important revenue stream for many in the illegal drug trade. Advocates of legalization contend that by making the substance less profitable for criminals, it will decrease the violence associated with the trade. The result could save lives while taking pressure off of law enforcement.

Safety controls:
When a person buys marijuana off the street, there’s no way to know exactly what dangerous substances are cut into the drug. While current legalization efforts don’t directly address safety issues, they do create a framework for a safety control system, which would work to eliminate some of the risk that comes from smoking a substance potentially laced with toxic ingredients.

 for medicinal use 
Some people from inside and outside the medical community argue that the drug is an effective treatment for a range of conditions, including epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, anxiety  ,eating disorders , insomnia ,posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and multiple sclerosis (MS) etc... also helps out so many  people daily cope with their health issues to be able to smile and  laugh  to be able to let the negativity fade away for them to get an ounce of hope.

more than a dozen states, including California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, medical marijuana use is already legal under certain guidelines. The decriminalization of weed would allow more people to use the drug for its believed health benefits. 


I mean I could go on and on about how the health benefits plus the hemp Plus the low crime and bring more money to the businesses around us by making the people happy. There is so many benefits that this could help and Save some people's lives. Something that we honestly need to think about is it a change that were willing to make. To not do the norm. To be able to go out and make this change and see if it helps the positivity around us our environment and how peaceful people become and push to bring more money to the businesses around us.

Happy people = longer lives / safer environment for the generation coming...

  • Go green ganja peace.<3

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