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Tell Tim Hortons to make a bigger impact on reducing WASTE

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Tim Hortons says that they want to help reduce waste.  This was pulled from their website: "While recycling and composting are great solutions for waste, reducing waste through reuse and improved processes can have greater benefits. We continue to encourage our guests to use ceramic mugs, plates and bowls when dining in our restaurants, and guests are also provided with a 10 cent discount when they bring in their own travel mug for hot beverage refills."  

However, a friend recently started working there and says it is actually policy for them to mix your coffee in a disposable cup and then throw it away, so it really reduces only the wasted lid.  Tim Hortons is not making a big enough impact on waste reduction. How many cups do you suppose are disposed of in any given day?  Most places don't recycle them either (even when you put it in your recycling container).  And I would say they hardly encourage the use of ceramics in store.

Its time for Tim Hortons to make a stand and make a change.  They need to change the policy for using disposables to mix coffee even when you use a travel mug. Tim Hortons could also go a step further and post signs to encourage you to Bring Your Own Mug. This has made a big difference at grocery stores by getting people in the habit of bringing their own shopping bags. This is only one small change, but the waste it would reduce could be huge.

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