Dairy-free options at Tim Hortons (Almond milk and/or coconut milk)

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I've been diagnosed recently with an allergic condition called 'Eosinophilic Esophagitis' or EOE for short. This condition makes it extremely hard for me to eat since ingredients like any dairy product or peanuts cause inflammation to my esophagus. Therefore, my only solution is to make the tough lifestyle change of eliminating dairy completely out of my diet.

I would make a Tim's stop at least once a day to satisfy my coffee cravings. It's already so hard to eliminate dairy completely out of my life and not eat the things I love such as chocolate, ice cream, cookies, pancakes, ect. My coffee runs shouldn't have to be compromised as well.

I know there are many other people out there going through similar health issues and facing limitations. I would love to be the voice for all of these people.

Tim Hortons and Starbucks have been competing with breakfast sandwiches, lattes and why not dairy free alternatives for people with health conditions and allergies?! 

Together we can bring forth change one small step at a time.