Apple publicly commit to work with Nvidia on drivers for Mac OS 10.14

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The community of people who have chosen to use Nvidia products with their Apple hardware demands that Apple permit Nvidia to make web drivers that work with all Mac OS versions going forward.

Being able to utilize the hardware acceleration provided by Nvidia is vital to many of us, as are the bug fixes and features introduced with the application and OS updates.

These drivers have always been available, but Apple now blocks Nvidia from supporting OS 10.14 Mojave

We demand that Apple publicly commit to a support plan to work with Nvidia to provide continuous support for their customers.

 By signing this petition, we are making our voices heard.  If issues persist and we are feeling neglected, we will:

  1. Contact Apple Customer Support until it is fixed
  2. Email Apple Execs i.e.  
  3. Tweet @tim_cook using hashtag #UnblockNVIDIA:
  4. Register bugs at bug-reporting/